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Sir Stephen Rice

Death31 MAR 1623
Aged: 83.2 years

Burke's Landed Gentry (1895) gives Stephen Rice (1540-1622/3), M.P. 1613, as progenitor of the lines of Rice of Bushmount (through Dominick Rice) and Rice of Mt. Trenchard =

Spring-Rice, Lords Monteagle (through James Rice). Now Stephen had a son Dominick (b. 1564) and a son James (b. 1562?). I don't have any record of sons of this James, but there

was a James Rice m. Phyllis Fanning in 1619, who had sons James and Thomas, among others [not to be confused with the James who is a son of Richard (b 1588) son of Dominick, or

the Thomas who is a son of Stephen (b 1592) son of Dominick]. I'd be interested in knowing if anyone has any information on the James Rice who m. Phyllis Fanning ca 1619. The

matter of the Monteagle descent is made more difficult by the fact that the Spring Rice line may descend from both James Rice son of Stephen (1540-1622/3) and Dominick Rice son of

Stephen (1540-1622/3), if Stephen Rice of Mt Trenchard (b. VA 1681) is from the line of Dominick, and his wife Alice from the line of James. The importance of this for VA Rice research

lies in any help it may give for identifying the estate that Thomas Rice is supposed to have been seeking when he perished at sea ca. 1710/1715, and thus the parentage of Thomas Rice.

-- Jared Lobdell

Martha -- The birthdate for William Claiborne is suspect -- it may well have been 1600 or so. William Claiborne married Elizabeth Butler (1614-1662), dau. of Cressid St. John, whose

mother was a Nevil and whose father was fourth in line from Sir Oliver St. John of Penmark and his wife Margaret Beauchamp, who m. (2) John Beaufort E. of Somerset and whose

mother was Margaret Holand. The Holands, Beauforts, and Beauchamps were all of the blood royal. The Rice alliance, on the other hand, was with a notably recusant family, apparently

with connections to the Baron Monteagle (1572-1621) who turned King's Evidence in the Guy Fawkes business and lived out his life as a member of the VA Company -- and as a Roman

Catholic. By the way, the only armigerous Rices in the 17th c. were the Rices of Dingle, County Kerry, and their arms are "Quarterly, 1st and 4th, per pale indented argent and gules, 2nd

and 3rd azure, a lion rampant or, armed and langued gules, Crest a leopard's face ducally crowned or, with the motto Fides non Timet." The origin of these arms would repay attention:

they certainly hint at a family connection above the level of knightly MPs with a Castle at Ballingolin. By the way also, have you tracked down Dominick Rice's will that is supposed to have

entrusted his "son" Thomas with getting his son Stephen (aged four) to the boy's grandfather in Ireland? If the grandfather was still alive in 1685, Thomas could not have been both an

adult to be entrusted with anything, and Dominick's son. Wasn't this the Dominick who m. Anne Toone, daughter of James Toone (1618-1677) by his first wife Mary Atterbury (m. 1638)?

James came to VA as a cabin boy in his 17th year in 1634. If Anne Toone was b. ca 1645/50, a son Thomas could not have been born before ca 1670, and could not have been an adult

in 1684 for the will -- quite apart from any m. to Marcy? in 1679/80. But if it's the Thomas b. 1656, he's Dominick's brother not son? Help! -- Jared

Sir Stephen Rice (1637-1715) was a younger son of James Rice and Phyllis Fanning, who had older sons James (b. ca 1623) and Thomas (b. ca 1628). If they were m. 1619 (LDS), this

could be the James who was b. 1596(?), son of Dominick son of Stephen. Sir Stephen m. Mary Fitzgerald and had several sons, of whom the eldest was Edward (b. ca 1664). Sir

Stephen, though a supporter of James II, was adjudged to be within the articles of the treaty of Limerick, and kept his estate. He d. 16 Feb 1714/15, and his eldest son Edward having

conformed to the established church, the estate passed to him rather than being split in gavelkind. After the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, which lost Ireland for James II, Sir Stephen's

patent as Baron Monteagle was found unsigned in Dublin (MEMORIALS OF THE GRACE FAMILY, p. 42). From Edward comes the Spring-Rice line to whom, in the person of Thomas

Spring-Rice [1790-1866], the Barony of Monteagle was eventually granted in 1839.
I've suggested that Thomas of VA went to the British Isles in 1710/1715 in connection with Sir Stephen's estate. This remains the only Rice estate I can find that was in any way "up for

grabs" at that time. But for Thomas to know what was going on, he would have had to be in touch with his younger bro Stephen (if Thomas is the son of Dominick d. 1685), or with other

Rice family members further removed. Of course, Dingle (the Rice family seat) is the westernmost town in Europe, known for its Atlantic connections, so it's not impossible. As Burke's

LANDED GENTRY shows both Dominick (b. 1564) and James as M.P. for Dingle (Co. Kerry) in 1635, it's possible the James Rice who m. Phyllis Fanning is Dominick's son (Dominick b.

1564), thus brother of Richard (the progenitor of various VA Rices), Stephen (progenitor of the Rice/Ferriter line mentioned in earlier notes), etc.
Anyone who has more information, please let me know -- Jared Lobdell

Helen Trant

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1564  Ireland, Kerry Co, Dingle Alice Hussey 

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