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Mary Chew

I suspect that Goodrich Lightfoot married twice & both were named Mary.  The first Mary was the mother of all of his children.  I suspect that his second wife was Mary Chew.

According to the record on the linen tree, Mary Chew, daughter of Thomas Chew & Martha Taylor, married Col. Goodrich Lightfoot.  She would have been much younger than he was & in her teens.  There is no record of the marriage date.  They would not have been married long as Goodrich died in 1738.

Orange Co., Deed Book 2:  24 Nov. 1737. Mary, wife of Goodrich Lightfoot, Gent., relinquished her right of dower.

Virginia Gazette, 14 Apr 1738: "We hear from Orange Co. that Col. Goodrich Lightfoot died lately at his brother's there."

From the Orange Co. Deed Book:  Goodrich and Mary Lightfoot sold 500 acres of land to Thomas Jones of St. Stephens Parish.  Recorded on April 28, 1738.

There are no recorded children of Goodrich & Mary Chew, however there are recorded children of Goodrich, therefore he must have had a first wife.  The birth dates of all but two are known & they could not be children of Mary Chew.

John Lightfoot's (son of Goodrich) undated will was proved June 17, 1735.  In it he leaves one young gray natural pacing horse colt to Mrs. Martha Chew.  Thomas Chew (wife Martha Taylor) was a witness to John Lightfoot's will.
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  1. Other: Wm and Mary Journals found on VA webGen site; http://www.usgwarchives.net http://files.usgwarchives.net/va/schools/wmmary/quarterly/v02n3/pg204-207.txt ;
    Source from: A Bell
  1. Website: Taylor Family Tree (on linen). According to Ann Spotswood Dandridge, the Taylor Tree was started around 1750. There were several copies made around 1837/38 which cannot be found.; I think what my family has is the original. A scan of the linen tree done by the Gerald Ford Center in Omaha can be found at the Taylor Association website.;
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