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George Glascock

Birth2 JUL 1741
Death4 MAR 1826
Aged: 84.7 years

George Glascock was born on 2 Jul 1741 at Fauquier County, Virginia.  He married Hannah Rector (58) in 1770 at Fauquier County, Virginia.  He died on 4 Mar 1826 at Fauquier County,

Virginia, at age 84. Buried Rockburn Farm, near Rectortown, Fauquier Co., VA.  Brother to Thomas Glascock, husband of Agatha Rector. George Glascock is certified by the DAR for

Patriotic & Civil Service in the Rev. War.
From Kentucky Pioneers And Their Descendants by Ila Earle Fowler, CourtOrder Book C,  pages 208-209, August Court 1810. 
 'And that William Furr be appointed overseer thereof...from thence to James Reed's and that he be assisted in keeping the road in repair by John Hart, John Hart junior, Reuben Goslin, Nathaniel Goslin, Nathan Goslin, Benjamin Goslin, Joseph Goslin, Alexander Young, John White, Sampson

Furr, John Downs and William Furr, and that James Reed be appointed overseer thereof from thence to the Lewis County line,and that he be assisted in keeping the same in repair by John Reed, JacobReed, William Foxworthy senior, William Foxworthy junior, Joel DeBell, AndrewWright,
Scioto Evans, W. DeBell, Ben DeBell, GEORGE GLASCOCK, James Edmonson and hands, Thomas Edmonson, Benjamin Mosely and hands, ----- Morris, Ben Burriss, Daniel Oneal, John Hinton, Ben Plummer, Abraham Plummer, John Olliver, William Griffith, Zadock Burriss, Alexander Henderson, James Leeper, DavidHenderson and hands, Joseph Henderson, W. Clancy, Joseph Burriss, George Beeler,Thomas Veach, W. Plummer and George Truitt and ordered that the said overseers keep that part of the said road assigned to them respectfully

forty feetwide.'

 Note for:   George Glascock,   2 Jul 1741 - 4 Mar 1826         

 Note for:   George Glascock,   2 Jul 1741 - 4 Mar 1826         

Individual Note:
Fauquier County, Virginia Legal Documents 1800-1865
Abstracted & Compiled by Dee Ann Buck 1998.

GLASCOCK, George-Will-10 Feb 1815, 22 May 1826, Wife: Hannah Glascock to have possession & enjoy all mansion dwelling, together with all the land, live stock, household, kitchen

furniture & slaves: Peter, Juda & Nancy. Son: Moses after the death of wife, home plantation. Son: Thomas Glascock all that land whereon he now resides together with all its out building. Children: John Glascock & Mary Jackson (wife of Vincent Jackson), equally divide all my lands in Greene County, Tennessee, Son Hezekiah Glascock the land on which he now resides, his wife formerly Eda Bishop if she survives him, she is to enjoy his portion, Son: Jesse Glascock the land where he now resides, Son: Aquilla Glascock the tract of land which I purchased from John Withers lying on Carters Run & slave Henry (boy), Daughter: Sarah Crosby (wife of George Crosby) the sum of $1000 lawful money of Virginia. Daughter:Winifred Brown (wife of Robert), all of that tract of land whereon Joseph Neal now resides & slave Benj. (boy), Children: to benefit from the sale of land in Kentucky & my interest in road leading from Alexanria to Ashby's Gap, Slave Robert to be hired out from year to year, monies to be collected by my executor and then paid to Robert in cash or in such other way that my executor may think best. Exrs: Moses Glascock, Jesse Glascock & Aquilla Glascock, sons, Wit: Elisha Dowell, Henry Glascock, Thomas Rector, Jr. Book 9, page 410.

GLASCOCK, George-Appraisement- 29 Apr 1826, 28 Apr 1826, value of estate $2281.68 for household items, plantation utensils, stock & slaves: Peter $350., Ben $450., Tom $225., &

Jude $115/ report prepared by Isaac Lake, John Glascock & Joseph Rector, received by John A.W. SMITH Book 10, page 13.

George GLASCOCK Will 1826.
Will Written 10 Feb 1815
Will Proved 22 May 1826

In the name of God Amen, I George Glascock of Fauquier County and State of Virginia being feeble in body tho in perfect sence and of sound memory, thanking the almighty God for the

same, and knowing the uncertainty of my pail body and transitory life, do hereby publish and make my last will and testament revoking all others made by me heretofore, and establish

this as my permanent desire in the words and manner following - First in obedience to the grace of God - I request that after my decease, my body be decently entered in the earth.
Secondly, that my funeral expenses and all my just debts be paid out of the first money that can be obtained of the proceeds of my estate. Thirdly, It is my will and desire that my beloved wife Hannah Glascock possess and enjoy all my mansion deeding together with all that tract and parcel of land I purchased of John Rector, and Thomas Norel being known by my mansion inclusive of all that part of said tract lying and being on the west side of the stone fence on the west side of my farm, north west side of the stone fence on the west side of my farm then running with the so fence, till it intersects John Bishops all the remaining part of my mansion tract purchased of ye before said John Rector and Tomas Norel, together with all its appurtenances during her natural life and at her decease it is my will and desire that all of the said tract of land bequeathed to my wife and its appurtenances be sold to the high bidder in twelve months credit or on such other as my executor may deem most advantageous excepting nevertheless a part of the tract that

mentions to my son Moses Glascock at the decease of my wife and I will that all the surplus proceeds arising from the sale thereof be equally divided between each, and every one of my

representatives hereafter named in the same manner and form that other legacies we to them bequeath  I hereby will and bequeath to my son Thomas Glascock, all that tract and parcel of land whereon he now resides together with all its appurtenances continued in the bound by now

heretofore shewn to him his heirs as assigned to have and enjoy the same performing
And to my son Moses Glascock , I will and bequeath my merchant and Grist mills, that he is now in possession together with all his appurtenances, way and water as far as have been

heretofore all and the same, and I also will and bequeath to my son Moses Glascock to have after the decease of my wife Hannah, the following piece and parcel of land - Viz beginning at a certain stone near the stone fence west from the said beginning to be estate as to the stone fence west of mansion form, the said beginning to be established by Henry and Jesse Glascock and ????? for in thence ????????line nearby east so as to leave the still house twelve feet south of the said line to another stone in Turley's line, to be let and established by the aforesaid Henry and Jesse Glascock, all on the north west side of the aforesaid line to him the said Moses Glascock to his heirs or assignees (after the decease of his mother, together with the aforesaid merchant and grist mills from that time to have and enjoy the same forever I now give and bequeath to my son John Glascock and my daughter Mary Jackson wife of Vincent Jackson all that tract and parcel of land I own in Green County and state of Tennessee, the same to be equally divided between the said John Glascock and Vincent Jackson and my daughter Mary his wife) agreeable to quantity and quality of the same to them and their heirs or assignees to have and enjoy the same with all the appurtenances forever. To my son Hezekiah Glascock I will and bequeath all that tract and parcel of land whereon he now resides agreeable to the line and boundaries I purchased of Barnet Hough and John Rector In the deeds made to me for the same together with all their appurtenances to him and the said Jesse Glascock and his heirs or assignees to have and enjoy the same forever.To my son Aquilla GLASCOCK, I will and bequeath all that tract and parcel of land I purchased of John Wither in the county of Fauquier lying and being on Carter's Run estimated by deed and survey to 275 acres to be the same more or less together with all the appurtenances to him the said Aquila Glascock for his heirs or assignees to have and enjoy the same forever and in so, I give and bequeath to my son Aquilla Glascock a certain negro boy named Henry to him his heirs I assign forever. I now will and bequeath to my Daughter Sarah Crosby wife of George Crosby the sum of one thousand dollars lawful money of Virginia to be paid her or her heirs or assignees as soon as my will may be convenient to do the same out of the proceeds of my estate no other so bequeathe. And now I will and bequeathe to my daughter Winifred Brown wife of Robert Brown will that tract and piece of land whereon Joseph Neal now resides agreeable to the boundaries of the deed made to me by Henry Rector together with all the appurtenances to have and enjoy the same during her natural life and her ????? that the same be sold and proceeds thereof to be equally distributed among all her bodily heirs and if she should have no bodily heirs ????? then the same to be equally divided amongst my own ??????

I further will and bequeath to my daughter Winifred Brown one negro boy names Benjamin the title of which is to ?????? no farther, nor otherwise than that of the aforesaid land to her

bequeath. Just will and request that all my land in the state of Kentucky together with all y interest in paro? Road  Leading to Ashby's Gap be sold to the best advantage and the real proceeds to be equally divided amongst all my representatives and in the same manner that other legacies here to them herein bequeathe. It is farther my will and desire that and the notes due and domain so to me from all and every of my aforesaid legatees be and are hereby considered as a free donation made by me in this my will. And it is also my will and desire that all the property of any kind whatever given by me to any of my aforesaid children previous to my will shall be theirs to have as was given their heirs and assignees forever. I now - farther will and bequeath to my loving wife Hannah Glascock in addition to the land and appurtenances heretofore mentions all my live stock of every description together will all my framing Utensils and also my negro man Peter also my negro woman Juda and also negro woman Maney together with all the household and kitchen furniture without description or so much my decease chose for her now and during her natural life, and then to be sold by ms estate to the highest bidder. The said wife at my decease then the residue to be sold as aforesaid divided accordingly. I further will and desire that my negro man Robert to be hired and from ?????????? to any ????????that my estate may see ???????  So to do providing along that he the said Robert be treated in a human like manner, and that the proceeds of his hire be collected by my executor and paid to him the said Robert in cash or in such that way or ways that my executor may think best for the used of the said Robert during his life.  I now mention and request my Executors hereafter named to sell all my crop reaming at my deceased except a sufficiency for my aforesaid wife together with the necessary

appurtenances that she may be subject to for twelve months next after my decease to the best advantage for cash and also to collect all debts due me. Exceptioning? Legacies herein named and all debts due and demands of any kind what so more heretofore contracted by them with myself the same nor any part there of to be demanded of either them at any time hereafter - and farther that all my money in hand together with all the real proceeds all serving from the sale of my aforesaid desires after the payment of all my just debts and the legacy in cash that be heretofore bequeath to my daughter Sarah Crosby wife of the aforesaid George Crosby. It is my will and desire that all the surplus of my estate be equally divided between such and everyone of my children heretofore named in this my will in the same manner and form that land are to them and bequeath in this my will. Last and finally I constitute and appoint my son Moses Glascock, Jesse Glascock and Aquilla Glascock to execute and determine all that I have herein determined and requested to have done in this my will and desire for a true testimony of the same. I have hereunto set my hand affixed my seal this tenth day of February in year of our Lord and Savior, one thousand eight  hundred and fifteen.

In the presence of NB there was a necessary to attach a supplementary piece to the commencing part of the paper and it may be know by the word me in the first part and beginning with

excepting in the supplement also ye would his in the present time from the bottom in second page. Crosby in ye therein to be from ye third page. Were entered in before signed.

Elisha Dowell George Glascock (Seal)
Henry Glascock
Thos Rector ?????
At a court held for Fauquier County the 23 April 1816
        This last will and testament of George Glascock deceased with proved by the Oath of Henry Glascock in witness thereunto and ordered to be recorded as a will of personal property.

Under and the motion of Aquilla Glascock one of the executors herein named who made thereto and together with William Grigsby and Alexander D Kelly has recorded, entered and

acknowledge a bond in the penalty of ten thousand dollars conditioned as the law directs. Certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate of the said with in due form.
        And at a court held for Fauquier County on this 22nd day of May 1825. The same was provided by oath of Thomas Rector Jr and ordered to be recorded as a will of real estate.
        Teste John AM Smith
From “Descendants of Jacob Faubion”
On March 14, 1808, Jacob and  Diannah's oldest daughter, Sally (Faubion) Broadhurst, died in Cocke County, Tennessee. Later that year, on May 2,1808, Jacob and Diannah sold land

in Faquier County, Virginia which Diannah had inherited from her father, Henry Rector. The land was sold to George Glasscock, husband of Diannah's sister, Hannah.
Dianah Rector's history is well set out in The Germanna Record, No. 4 and 5, which takes herRector/Richter and Fischbach family lines back to Tyl van Fispe in the Nassau-Siegen area

of the German Palatinate in the fifteenth, and sixteenth centuries. Her mother is believed to be Ann "Nancy" Spencer because, as was the custom of the period to give a son the maiden

name of the mother, Henry and Ann Rector named a son "Spencer" and the name was carried down for a number of generations. The Germanna Record No. 4, page 13, paragraph (7),

contains the indication that Ann, wife of Henry Rector, might be the sister or daughter of James Spencer of Prince William County, Virginia.
Hannah Rector Glasscock was born in 1752 at Fauquier County, Virginia.  She married George Glascock , son of John Glascock , Sr.) and Margaret O'Rear Young, in 1770 at Fauquier

County, Virginia.  She died in Sep 1826 at Fauquier County, Virginia. Buried on Rockburn Farm, near Rectortown, VA

Hannah Rector

DeathSEP 1816
Aged: 66.7 years

The father of Hannah Rector was John Rector:

Another Side of John Rector
by Joan W. Peters

John Rector, who founded Rectortown in 1722, is well known as the motivational force behind Fauquier County's first incorporated town. He is also known, along with his parents, John

and Elizabeth (Fischbach) Rector, as one of the 1714 German emigrants wo ultimately found his way to Germantown, then part of Prince William County. These events are well

documented. Rectortown's incorporation can be found in "Hening's Statutes". John Rector's early life, along with his parents and other Germanna settlers, can be found in the pages of the "Germanna Record".  Fauquier County court records reveal yet another face of John Rector, one not nearly so well known. He was a land speculator and developer, who almost singlehandedly, created the circumstances leading to the Rectortown incorporation. In December 1770, John Rector, planter, purchased 4,874 acres in Fauquier County described as "on or near Goose Creek" from Burgess and Mary Ball of Lancaster County. This parcel was part of a much larger patent

granted to Col. Charles Burgess of Lancaster County in 1731. The patent was inherited, ultimately, by two of Burgess' grandsons, Burgess Smith and Burgess Ball. In a division ordered by the Prince William County Court in 1757 but not recorded until September 1763, Burgess Ball Ball received 5,325 acres of the Burgess patent. This land was located on Goose Creek and Cromwell's Run.
Ball began to sell the land, the greatest portion going to John Rector. This tract is roughly between Goose Creek, Route 50, Hatcher's Mill Road and Route 710 in the northern part of

Fauquier. In September 1771, less than one year later, John Rector made his first sale within this tract-157 acres to John Kincheloe. Other sales quickly followed. He sold 15 parcels,

ranging from 157 acres to 431 acres, in October of the same year.

taken from The Fauquier Democrat, June 4, 1987
"Roots" column by Joan W. Peters

John Rector (The Fauquier Democrat-June4, 1987)-part 2

Isaac Sundiff, Richard McPherson, William Murray, and John Squires were among these buyers. The majority of the land, however, stayed within the family or was sold to relatives. His

sons Charles, Jacob, and Henry received 157 acres each; his brothers Henry and Jacob bought 150 and 100 acres. The Glasscocks - George, Hezekiah, and Thomas-received an aggregate of 858 acres. George and Thomas Glasscock both had Rector connections. George married Hannah Rector, a daughter of John's brother, Henry. George left, by will, as a life estate for his wife, his mansion dwelling and the tract of land he purchased from John Rector. George also left a portion of his Rector purchase to his son Hezekiah. To son Jesse Glasscock, he left the tract upon which Jesse resided, part of his purchase from his wife's father, Henry Rector's heirs. Thomas Glasscock married two Rector women. His first wife, Catharine, was John Rector's daughter. His second

wife was Agatha Rector, a granddaughter of Henry Rector Sr., John' brother. John Glasscock, another purchaser of rector land in 1773, left a bequest to his daughter Mary Rector, in a

will probated in 1784. Another daughter, Margaret Hardwick purchased 244 acres from Thomas and Agatha Rector Glasscock in 1771.  John Glasscock bought 139 acres in March 1773 just before John Rector's death. In fact, four of the six conveyances were made in the beginning of March 1773. John Rector evidently died between march 9, the record of his last land transaction, and March 23, 1773, when his will was probated. His will reveals the disposal of more of the old Ball tract as well as some of the land he purchased from Thomas Chattin of Lancaster County. The Chattin purchase was immediately contiguous to the Ball tract. These lands went to his sons Henry, Charles, Frederick, John, and Harmon. Rectortown owed much to this Fauquier County pioneer and early land developer. John Rector took a large, undeveloped mountainous tract of land in a largely uninhabited area of northern Fauquier County and was able to watch its development. In his lifetime, he saw a 4,874-acre tract settled by his family, relatives, and other property holders. He was personally responsible for settling some 21 families in the vicinity of Rectortown - a veritable population explosion.

from The Fauquier Democrat, June 4, 1987
the "Roots" column by Joan W. Peters

The children of George and Hannah Rector Glascock:

1.  William Glascock, 1765-1793 b. in Fauquier Co. VA
2.  Moses Glascock, b. 1770 in Fauquier Co. VA
3.  John Glascock, b. May 4, 1772 in Fauquier Co. VA
4.  Hezekiah Glasco, b. Aug. 26, 1773 in Fauquier Co. VA
5.  Thomas Glascock, b. 1774 in Fauquier Co. VA
6.  Sarah Crosby Glascock, b. Mar. 8, 1778 in Fauquier Co. VA
7.  Mary Jackson Glascock,  b. 1780 in Fauquier Co. VA
8.  Jesse Greene Glascock, b. 1783 in Fauquier Co. VA
9.  Aquilla Glascock, b. Nov. 4, 1786 in Fauquier Co. VA
10. Winifred Glascock, b. 1788 in Fauquier Co. VA

ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


17746 NOV 1843  VA, Fauquier Co, Rectortown Elizabeth Stewart, Susannah Glasscock 


178310 AUG 1825  VA, Fauquier Co Nancy Greene 


4 NOV 178614 SEP 1867  VA, Fauquier Co Mary Bishop, Susanna Lake 
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  1. Findagrave
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