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James Henry World21 NOV 1905 -- 1 DEC 1982avatar
Cora Violet "Violet" Page3 MAR 1907 -- 20 SEP 1997avatar
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Marriage23 JUN 1943
Officiant: Brig. Frank Wilmer, D. C.; at the Salvation Army Mission Corps


George Charles2 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 14 Sholin2 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 14

Birth18 NOV 19152 5 6 7 8 11
Very devout and very active
Age 4 1/2; Living with father, Charles Sholin, on Moss Street5
69 Moss Street; Age 14; son (of Charles Sholin)
same place as 1940
55 Lapidge Street; Occupation: Delivery [of items from father's shop]; Highest grade: high school, 3rd year6
Resideaft 19469
This town was llater incorported into Sacramento. His wife had lived in the same house with her parents in 1940.
Residebef 19469
Residebef 1985
electrical engineering draftsman/technical illustrator, U.S. Army Depot
Tag1990-2005 dossier preparer
to the head of the CA State Energy Commission
Education31 MAY 1990
B. A., Journalism
M. A. Social Science (Communication)
320 Mill Valley Circle North
Death28 SEP 20089
ashes scattered near the Golden Gate, CA; 37d 49.580N / 122 d 29.025W
Aged: 92.9 years

I wrote the following obituary which appeared at Legacy.com, and a shorter version which appeared in "The Sacramento Bee":

George Charles Sholin
November 15, 1915
September 28, 2008
George Sholin passed away peacefully on Sunday, September 28, 2008 at the age of 92. He was born on November 15, 1915 in San Francisco to Charles Sholin and Nellie Jensen Sholin. His father was a Swedish immigrant, and his mother?s parents were immigrants from Denmark.

He grew up in San Francisco. When he was a boy, his father gave him a cornet, which sparked a lively musical interest. He played in the band at The Salvation Army and at his public schools. He took correspondence courses in musical theory and band directing. When he finished the courses, he was commissioned as a bandmaster. At that time, he was the youngest commissioned bandmaster in the Salvation Army, and it was The Salvation Army that laid the foundation for his life-long Christian faith.

Moving to Sacramento in 1946, he worked at McClellan Air Force Base, and for many years at the Sacramento Army Depot as an electrical engineering draftsman.

After his retirement, George began his college career, earning several academic degrees, including a B.A. in social science (sociology), California State University, Sacramento, 1984; a B.A. in journalism, CSUS 1990; and an M.A., social science (communication), CSUS 1992.

In 1986, the California Energy Commission hired him. He prepared daily executive news summaries there until 2005, retiring at age 89. He loved word jokes, and was known at the Commission for his energy puns. At home, most subjects were fair game, and everyone joined in the fun, each trying to outdo the other in speed and wit, but George?s puns set the standard.

[Editor's note: for examples of George's humor, see "Sources" for "Website: Games and Puzzles, "George's Gems - Energy Jokes and Puns," which was published online in their student's page by the California Energy Commison]

George was bandmaster for The Salvation Army's Sacramento Citadel Corps from 1946 to 1964, during which time he built a strong band program. Most of his young band members attended the annual Divisional Music Camp at Redwood Glen in Santa Cruz. In the 1950s and 1960s, George provided the musical leadership for a yearly local music camp, as well. It was usually held at Camp Pahatsi near Soda Springs in the Sierras. The camp provided a wonderful boost for the music program.
George was predeceased by his first wife of 20 years, Eva World Sholin, who died in 1963; his parents; and his sister, Crissie Ragsdale...

A memorial service is planned for Wednesday, October 15, at 7:00 p.m. at the Salvation Army?s Sacramento Citadel Corps.

One thing not mentioned above was George's late 1930s interest in short wave radio. He published several articles on the subject in radio magazines and was mentioned in several others.  Some of these mentions are now searchable (as of July 2018) under "George C. Sholin" on Google.

Eva Claire3 4 5 6 7 World3 4 5 6 7

Birth19 OCT 19263 4 5 6 7
Very devout and very active.6
Reside19405 6  
Del Paso Avenue5 6
Education9 JUN 1943
Grant Union High School
Resideaft 1946
later incorporated into Sacramento. This is the same house where she had lived with her parents in 1940.
Death11 DEC 19633 6 7
Grave16 DEC 1963
Garden of Peace, lot 92, space C
Aged: 37.1 years

Eva World was born 20 Oct 1926 at 1117A ½ Lomitas Drive, Los Angeles, California. This is according to a request written by Eva on 23 August 1943 to the bureau of vital Statistics in Los Angeles. That agency stamped her letter with "Fail to find any record certificate Vital Statistics, Los Angeles County, Calif." Nevertheless, her birth is recorded in the California Birth Index, though in the index, her birthday was 19 Oct 1926. Also, her name was indexed incorrectly as Eva Claire Woret.

Eva played trombone in her band at Grant Union High School, and later played alto horn in The Salvation Army band at the Sacramento Citadel Corps. She sang in the Songsters, there, as well. As a young girl, she earned the highest rank, General's Guard, in The Salvation Army's Girl Guards. She also learned to sew, successfully remodling a full length coat while in high school. As a young mother, she canned lots of plums and other fruit, and made jams and jellies, as well.

She and her husband, George, had six children, all of them learning to play instruments and to sing. When she was 29 years old and pregnant with what would have been her seventh child, Eva suffered the stroke that almost killed her and left her an invalid. The child was carried to term, but was stillborn. Her six living children, at that time, ranged from ages three to eleven.

In those days, therapies were not offered for stroke victims. It was thought that nothing could be done for them. Nevertheless, Eva slowly came back from nearly complete paralysis to being able to walk around using a cane, singing with her Songsters and playing alto horn in the band. The latter required relearning how to play, using her left hand on the valves, rather than the right. People were inspired by her courage, determination and faithfulness.

Eva in her Salvation Army uniform. Read More

ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses





Charlene Beryl 

27 NOV 194712 FEB 2020  CA, Sacramento Co, Sacramento Kenneth Ora Pinkerman 

Erik William 

6 MAY 194918 JAN 2013  CA, Sacramento Co, Sacramento Angeline Leilani "Angie" Quirionez 






22 AUG 195622 AUG 1956  CA, Sacramento Co, Sacramento  
Pics & Attach-
    • June 1943, George Sholin & Eva World wedding
    • Eva Claire (World) Sholin, ca 1944
    Henry Franklin "Frank" Hartfriend and bandmastersource
    Charles Donald "Don" "C D" Davenportfriend and bandsmansource
    Brig. Kristian Marinus Fristrupcorps officer (pastor) and music teachersource
    Erik William Gustaf Leidzenmentorsource
    Wilfred George "Wilf" Careyfriend & colleaguesource
    Lt. Col. Robert Jackson Angelcorps officer (pastor)source
    Brig. Kenneth Edgar Andersoncorps officer (pastor)source
    Charles Young RagsdaleCharles Young Ragsdale1935brother-in-lawsource

    Organizations & Memberships (2)

    Edith Alta "Edie" Thompsonfriendsource
    Commissioner Marion Edith LaymanCommissioner Marion Edith Laymancorps officer (pastor)source
    Xenia Arbutus LinderGirl Guard troop Guardiansource

    Organizations & Memberships (3)

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