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Roswell Reed Fitch25 NOV 1841 -- 11 JAN 1888avatar
Margaretta Wyanna "Margaret" Hasbrouck15 OCT 1846 -- 6 OCT 1865avatar

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Ezra Fitch

Ezra Hasbrouck Fitch

Birth21 SEP 1865
Educ.1894Manhattan, New York University
Death16 JUN 1930
Aged: 64.7 years
Co-Founder of clothing outlet Abercrombie & Fitch
Fitch Street in Kingston, New York
Also named for his grandfather, Ezra Fitch (1805-1870)

From Kingston historian Edwin Millard Ford's book Street Whys: Anecdotes and Lore About the Streets of Kingston, New York, page 102:

"Ezra Hasbrouck Fitch, a grandson of Ezra, was born September 21, 1865 in Coxsackie. He was the son of Roswell R. and his second wife, Helen Carswell Fitch. His birth mother, Margaret Wyanna Hasbrouck, died on October 6, 1865, at age 19, approximately two weeks after Ezra was born. Since his father's mercantile business was then in Nova Scotia, Canada, Ezra was educated there and later in New York City. After spending a few years in merchandising in 1899 in California, he returned to New York and enrolled in New York Law School. He passed the bar in December of 1895 and immediately opened a practice of law in Kingston. On March 2, 1897, he married Sara Huntington Sturges and they moved to 203 Fair Street on the corner of Maiden Lane. The Huntington Boarding House, later called 'The Huntington' at 23 Pearl Street, was built by Ezra H. Fitch and named for his wife's family.
When Fitch was in law school in New York City, he frequented David Abercrombie's sporting goods store. They became freiends and in 1900, Fitch joined him as a partner. In 1904, they incorporated under the name 'Abercrombie & Fitch Co.'. Soon thereafter, they disagreed on how to manage the store. Fitch wanted to expand the company to the general public while Abercrombie, who was conservative, wanted to the company to remain as a store for the elite. In 1907, Abercrombie sold his share to Fitch. During the Fitch era, the company experienced great success. Fitch knew how to manage the store in a way which popularized it. He gave the store 'an ambient atmosphere' and created its first mail-order catalog. He was the sole owner from 1907 until his retirement in 1928. He died on his yacht in Santa Barbara, California, on June 16, 1930, survived by his wife Sara and daughter Edith."

ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

Edith Sturges 

6 MAR 190124 DEC 1991  NY, New York Co, New York City Paul Fessenden Cruikshank 
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