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Gervase Hendley

Deathabt 1534
Aged: 69 years
15 April 23rd year of Henry VIII [23 April 1531 - 2nd day of Henry VIII's reign] I Gerveas Hendle of Cranebroke thelder. To be buried in the chauncell of Saint Thomas in Cranebroke afor-said at my pewe dore orells in the church of the parisshe where I shall happen to dye. To the high aultar of Cranebroke, Bydynden, Tenterden and Lydde euery of them ijs. To seven lights in the churche of Cranebroke euery of them 12d. To oon honest Englisshe preest to singe for my soule, my wifes soul my father and moder soules and all xpen soules at the awter of Saint Thomas in Cranebroke at the assignement of myn executor and of his wife to syng at Courshourne by the space of twoo yeres 20 marcs.
To Thomas Hendley my sonne £4 and in defaulte unto my said sonne Thomas three pecs of lande called Mods Lande in Cranebroke vppon the Dennys of Onynden and Chytynden and two pecs called Northfeld lying in Cranebroke vppon the denne of Courshorne contyngyng in all 19 acres.
To the said awter of Saint Thomas 40s. to be bestowed as foloweth that is to seg to bye oon masse bopke printed oon albe and a vestment of blak worsted or of other blak to be occupied at the said awter on feriall daies by the discrecion of the churchwardeyns.
To Walter Hendle my sonne my flatt hoope of golde, my best salts parcell gilte with oon cover, 6 of my best spones wt Angells being in the custody of my cosyn Jane Hendle widow.
To Thomas Hendle my sonne oon pece of siluer wt out a couer, twoo of my best furryd gownes and oon chamlet jaket and my damaske doblet and oon hope of golde whiche was his mothers and oon litill siluer salte with a couer.
To my cosyn Gerves Hendle my thirde best gowne. To my sonne Richard Taylour my furd best gowne. To my doughters Margery, Marcye and Mary, 6 siluer sponys with knoppys being in the custody of Walter Hendle my sonne. To my cosyn John Hendle thelder the residue of my gownes.
At my owt bering, monethes day and yeres mynde £20.
To my sonne Walter my fetherbed the bolsters of fethers being at Richard Taylours and the fetherbed wt out a bolster that is at my howse in the towne, twoo carpet cusshens, the hangings, selers and Testars, bedstedylls, Tubbys bulting whoche and Kneding Trouwgh and all other bords and planks being at my said house in the towne.
To Margery Taillour my doughter all my couerletts, blanketts, shets, pelowes, pelowberys and napkyns being in the chamber where I lye at Wylneslye.
A yerely obit to be held.
Last will: of me Gervase Hendle of all my manours, londes and tenements in Kent or within the fyve ports. To William Hendle my sonne my mesuage in Tenterden and lands there as well within the libertie of the Ports as without. To Thomas my sonne my mesuages &e in Bydynden and Smerden.
To Walter Hendle my sonne residue of all my maners, londs &e and thre pecs of lond called Mondyslande and the said 2 pecs of lande called Northfeld lying in Cranebroke.
Dated 13 November 25 Henry VIII [13 Nov 1533] per me Willm. Lynch per me Thomam Hendly per me Richardum Taylour.
Proved 6 May 1534 by Wm. Lynche and Thomas Hendley. (P.C.C. 14 Hogen)

Elizabeth Roberts

Sussex Record Soc book re Roberts family says that Walter Roberts had a surviving dau Elizabeth by Margaret Penn.
(However they do not say that he had 30 children by his three wives, as Burke does.)
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


abt 1504abt 1551  England, Kent, Cranbrook Helen Ashburnham 
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