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John Lynn, Sr.

Birth18 SEP 1790
Death30 DEC 1850
Graveabt 1850
Aged: 60.3 years
From: "VOLUME 13, JEFFERSON COUNTY RECORDS, featuring 'JEFFERSON COUNTY BOYS IN BLUE' PART II, Collected and Compiled by Orville L. and Mary B. Prill 1964-1979, Typed by Ruth Brown Colby, Burlington, Iowa AND Elaine Barnes Peters, Fort Madison, Iowa 1979-1980, Page 613 - WAR OF 1812 SOLDIERS":

"LYNN: John
"Buried Upper Richwoods, 1790-1850. (War of 1812?)
"National Archives Req. August 16, 1972. Born September 18, 1790. TOMBSTONES: LYNN: John, Died December 28, 1850 AE 60-3-10. LYNN: Elizabeth (Montieth), wife of J., d. December 28, 1846 (?) AE 60-6-13. State of Iowa, County of Jefferson. On this 7th day of November, 1850, John Lynn, aged 65, (18th present month), resident of Jefferson County, State of Iowa, declares he is the identical John Lynn who was a Private in the Rifle Company commanded by Capt. Nicholas Beckwith.....volunteered at McConnelsBurgh, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, some time in July, he thinks but not certain 1812, for six months service.....was honorably discharged at Fort Meigs some time in the month of March or April, 1813; he was not marched from Bedford County, Pennsylvania, until the autumn of 1812 but was in readiness from the time of volunteering to the time of marching to Pittsburgh, the place of rendezvous.....never received a written certificate of discharge.....signed John Lynn. William E. Groff, Notary Public, believes the said John Lynn to be the identical man who served as aforesaid.....John Lynn received Bounty Land Warrant #5671 for 80 acres. (The No. 18,217 also appears on documents)
"History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania. Pub. Chicago, 1884, Waterman, Watkins & Co., page 606. Bedford County furnished several companies of soldiers in the War of 1812. Among them was one of volunteers from McConnellsburg and vicinity, commanded by Capt. Nicholas Beckwith. This company served 6 months, from October 2, 1812, to April 2, 1813. The pay of each private for the term was $20.....Fifth Battalion, Pennsylvania Militia, commanded by Major D. Nelson, of the U. S., under the command of Brig. General Richard Crooke, in the service of the U. S., under command of General W. H. Harrison.....
"Payroll for this company, pages 166-167, Vol. 8, Pennsylvania Archives, 6th Series, shows name of John Lynn, $20; also Thos. Allender was Ensign; David Metzler, Lieutenant; Daniel Metzler was 2d Corporal; George and Christian Rinedollar were privates....."

Elizabeth Montieth

Birth15 JUN 1786
Death28 DEC 1846
Aged: 60.5 years
Re: Thomas Monteith 1694-1747 Scotland & VA
Posted by: William Scott, Jr. (ID *****7513) Date: August 04, 2004 at 19:44:58
In Reply to: Thomas Monteith 1694-1747 Scotland & VA by Bill Deyo
I may have entered a post on this before, but if I have, my memory desperately fails me....I'm looking for the connection between the Monteith and Mantooth families.
Thomas Monteith (1694-1747) and Phyllis Gallop Monteith (b. abt 1720) had at least four children, one being a son, John. According to family lore, John married a Cherokee bride against his family's wishes. This led to a disinheritance by the family, and John changed his surname to MANTOOTH. His son, Thomas (1760-1836) was known as "Cherokee Tom", married Elizabeth Pharriss. They lived in Cocke County, Tennessee, where many descendants still roam.
Please write with your thoughts. Reply to this post or e-mail directly to aeturnallrain67@hotmail.com.
William Scott
5th-great-grandson of "Cherokee Tom" Mantooth
6th-great-grandson of John Monteith/Mantooth
7th-great-grandson of Thomas Monteith (?)

Re: Thomas Monteith 1694-1747 Scotland & VA
Posted by: William Deyo (ID *****3365) Date: March 06, 2004 at 17:33:20
In Reply to: Re: Thomas Monteith 1694-1747 Scotland & VA by Leigh Anne Brown
Leigh Anne,
Your Elizabeth Monteith appears to have been the daughter of John Monteith, son of the immigrant, Thomas Monteith (1694-1747). As stated in my book, John Monteith traditionaly moved to NC. His Indian wife is not definitley known. Some say that she was a Cherokee and that is why his son was called Cherokee Tom. It is a lot more likely that John's wife was of Patawomeck Indian blood, which he also had. His brother, James Monteith, married his cousin, Leah Owens, of Patawomeck blood and I believe that John married on of the sisters of Leah Owens. The Monteiths were always closely associated with the Cox family in VA, and I imagine that their connection with them in NC was for the same reasons. I discussed in my book about the probability of Capt. Henry Fleet having a daughter by a Patawomeck Indian woman during his long stay with that tribe and that the daughter was a wife of the immigrant, Vincent Cox. Both Fleet and Cox became Indian interpreters. Vincent Cox kept a Nanzattico Indian boy, William King, with him for quite a while. The Nanzatticos were very closely associated with their neighbors, the Patawomecks, and certainly intermarried with them. Many believe that the Nanzatticos were simply an off-shoot of the Patawomeck Tribe. Note the given name of Fleet in your Cox family. It is also in my line and there is no other know connection to the Fleet family. Your George Cox had a brother, Presley Cox, who married Mary Fleet of Lancaster County, and I believe that their union was due to them being cousins, which caused the association between the Cox family of Westmoreland and the Fleets of Lancaster. My ancestor, James Monteith, had a daughter, Leah Owens Monteith, who married first to her cousin, Thomas Owens, and then to Charnock Cox, descended from Charnock Cox, brother to your George Cox.
I will send you an e-mail with my book information in case you would want to obtain one. The book has many color pictures of the portraits of the ancestors of the Monteiths. It contains a lot of information on various other area families connected to the Indians, including the Cox family. I also have a book on the history of the Patawomeck Tribe which has many photos in it, including one of an authentic copy of the silver badge/medallion of Chief Wahanganoche, who would have been your direct ancestor.
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


15 DEC 181027 JUN 1888  PA, Fulton Co, McConnellsburg Mary A. Rinedollar 


5 OCT 181223 JUL 1895  PA, Fulton Co, McConnellsburg Elizabeth Sissler 

Mary Ann 

abt 1815abt 16 OCT 1890  PA, Fulton Co, McConnellsburg John Teeter 


8 DEC 181630 DEC 1877  PA, Fulton Co, McConnellsburg John W Baldosier 
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