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Lemuel Abbott + Martha WoodLemuel Morehouse + Rachel OsbornJohn Conger + Sarah Tuttle
Ezra Abbott21 JUL 1756 -- 24 FEB 1833avatar
Ruth Smith Morehouse7 DEC 1758 -- 6 FEB 1856avatar
Pvt. David Conger7 Sep 1760 -- 20 Jan 1807avatar
Elizabeth Ayers22 Sep 1764 -- 14 Aug 1822avatar


Abijah Abbott

Birth2 May 1793
Death31 Jan 1866
Aged: 72.7 years
Township 4, Kern, California, USA

David's father is listed as born in Conneticut rather than New York. T623, roll 87, Fourth Judicial Township, enumeration distri

I. Loman Photograph Palace, Eddyville, Iowa

Elizabeth Mary "Betsy" Conger

Birth1 Oct 1801
Death2 May 1882
Aged: 80.6 years
Alternate Name: Betsy

Recorded on the back of this photo: National Porcelain Portrait Galleryrk, Richard H. PeaseA "postscript" to Chapter 10 of The Thorny Rose: The Americanization of an Urban Immigrant, Working Class Regiment in the Civil War. A Social History of the 39th New York Volunteer Infantry, contains the following information about theNational Porcelain Portrait Gallery, photographer of Elizabeth Conger.

Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of The University of Texas at Austin in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY, THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN, August 1989

Copyright by Catherine Catalfamo, 1989

Postscript: George Waring, in his short history of the Garibaldi Guard published in Liber Scriptorum. First Author's Edition in 1892, stated that after his incarceration at Sing Sing, D'Utassy left his card with a woman and disappeared. Peculiarly enough, several years ago, somewhere in the Mid-South, I obtained a carte-de-visite of a sophisticated looking circa 1864 woman for my nineteenth century image collection and turned it over to look for possible identification. The woman was not identified but the studio was. The current owner was a Mr. Richard H. Penn, but under his name was penned in "Successor to" over the printed "D'Utassy's". The rest of the card read "Formerly Johnson, Williams & Co., National Porcelain Portrait Gallery, 952, 954, & 956 Broadway (cor. 23rd St.) New York." Having read Waring, and it being too much of a coincidence, I naturally assumed that it could not be the same D'Utassy. However, in my very last trip to the New York Historical Society, with a few minutes left over before closing time, I decided to look for D'Utassy's name in Trow's New York City Directory. Sure enough, from 1865 through 1867, Frederick George D'Utassy owned the same portrait studio from which he had ordered images during the war according to advertisements and bills among his papers. After that, he became an importer in a store in which he had also been a patron at 41 Maiden Street in New York. He lived during most of this time at 891 4th Avenue, then on W. 24th or 34th Street, until finally in 1878 he was no longer listed. In 1884-85 there is a listing at 144 E. 36th Street for his son Leo and his widow, Bertha. And in 1889, only Leo remained.

From the New York State Military Museum and Veterans Research Center home page:
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

Ira Critenden 

8 AUG 182317 JUL 1891  NJ, Morris Co, Rockaway  

Stephen Conger 

25 MAY 18259 SEP 1906  NJ, Morris Co, Morristown  


10 Sep 182910 May 1911  NJ, Morris Co, Morristown  

Barnabas King 

12 DEC 18318 AUG 1925  NJ, Morris Co, Morristown  

William Kelsey 

183420 JUL 1866  NJ, Morris Co, Morristown  

David Conger 

9 Jun 18366 Jul 1907  NJ, Morris Co, Morristown Mary Thomesita Escudaro, Minnie Schieber 

Phebe Lewis 

16 JAN 183922 MAR 1923  NJ, Morris Co, Morristown  

Ann Palmer 

9 AUG 184127 MAY 1929  NJ, Morris Co, Morristown  
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