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George Ambrose Sutton + Sarah TildenRichard Bishop + Alice Martin
William Sutton25 MAY 1641 -- 28 APR 1718avatar
Damaris Bishop1646 -- 26 FEB 1683avatar


John Sutton

Birth20 APR 1674
Death19 DEC 1750
He was a member of Col Thomas Farmer's New Jersey Militia Regiment, 4th Co (1715
Aged: 76.7 years
He was a member of Col Thomas Farmer's New Jersey Militia Regiment, 4th Co (1715) Piscataway. (Ref:Report of State Historian, State of New York (1896), Colonial Series, Vol 1, Pp531 et seq.)

Elizabeth Conger

Birth1 JAN 1677
Death10 MAY 1731
Aged: 54.4 years
Elizabeth Conger (1677-1731)

She was the wife of John Sutton (1674-1750). John was the son of William Sutton (1641-1718) who was born on May 25, 1641 in Sciuate, Plymouth, Massachusetts and died in Piscataway, and Damaris Bishop (1645-?) who was born in 1645 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts and died in Piscataway on February 06, 1682/83. William Sutton was tried for stealing the church bible in Massachusetts and Damaris Bishop may have been killed by her own mother. (this is what is written at the site, but it is incorrect)

Damaris Bishop, born in Plymouth in 1646, was the daughter of Richard and Alice (Martin) Bishop. Damaris's mother, Alice Martin was the daughter of Francis and Prudence (Deacon) Martin, was first married to George Clark, the husband with whom she emigrated from England to Plymouth Colony. The couple had two daughters, Abigail and Martha. George died in about 1644 and she remarried December 6, 1644, to Richard Bishop, by whom she had one child, Damaris.

After four years of marriage, in July of 1648, Alice was accused of brutally murdering her daughter, Martha who was just four years old. Alice confessed though she did not remember doing the deed. She was hung for murder. it is now thought that she probably had postpartum depression

Elizabeth's tombstone reads: "Here lyes body of Elizabeth, wife of John Sutton, deceased May 10, 1731, aged 54 years".

Oldest grave:
Elizabeth appears to be the oldest born person buried in the cemetery (b. 1677) and has the oldest extant gravestone in the Stelton Baptist Church Cemetery (d. 1731).
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


16961740  NJ, Middlesex Co, Piscataway  


31 JUL 170319 DEC 1775  NJ, Middlesex Co, Piscataway Elizabeth Cox 
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