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Jacob Pope + Mourning Joyner
Pilgrim Pope1743 -- 05/16/1790avatar
Mary Olive "Ollie" Surginer1746 -- 07/21/1814avatar
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


10/25/1784  NC, Rowan Co William Creech 


10/02/1786  NC  


03/19/178812/22/1814  NC  


01/24/179008/1860  NC Sarah Tower 


02/02/179207/1849  NC  

Parabe Phebe 

02/10/179402/20/1794  NC  


05/17/17951846  NC, Ashe Co  


11/13/179812/14/1874  NC  


03/05/1801  NC  
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  • Query, : The POPE Cemetery (or what is remaining of it) is located on Cider ForkRoad in Whiskey Run Township, Crawford County, Indiana. This cemeterywas not listed in the Crawford County Records until E. H. Jackson sentrecords and a hand drawn map showing the location to the library. DStewart White and J Bullington Jones, descendants of the POPE clanvisited the site in the mid 1970's and at that time some stone markerswere still standing. Since then, the burial spots have been over run bycattle and all stones destroyed, as well as large overhead power linesrun through the old family cemetery. Cider Fork is a dead end road, which ends in the valley where ChiefOuisky (Ouiska) camped with his tribe in the summer time. In this valleyis located the home place of the late Beatrice Baylor who did research onher family when it was not "the thing" as it is today. She vividlyremembered being told, "when her grandmother was a child the grandmotherremembered seeing the Indian encampment". Another researcher of this line(L Crecelius Benham) remembers as child exploring caves in this area withher father and finding arrow heads. Look at the obituary of Pilgrim Houston Pope (grandson to thisPilgram Pope II - via son Elijah Pope III) for a story on therelationship of his family to Chief Ouisky of the Mohawk Indian tribe.Family folklore handed down always said that Mary Ann Pope was adescendant of a Mohawk Indian Princess. The obituary for Pilgrim H.Pope was found in Bea Baylor's research papers by Bea's niece, M. L.Baylor Bell. Ms. Bell now has all of Bea's research. The source was notlisted on the newspaper clipping but it is believed to be the local paperof the time. At the 08-11-2003 Crawford County Historical Meeting,Richard Eastridge, the county historian, made mention of the fact thatChief Ouiska (Ouisky) was buried in the Pope Cemetery, if so this givesmore credence to a relationship of the Chief and the Pope families. E.H. Jackson is checking further for more conclusive information but itdoes appear there is more than just folklore to the Mohawk Indian storieshanded down through the years in this family. Land Purchased: - 1816 -- August 30, purchased land in Crawford County, Indiana - 1823 - June 16, purchased 40 acres on the North side of Whiskey Runthrough bond to George Wiman of Harrison County, Indiana. Wit.Elijah Pope and Green Bethells. By October 1823 court term, GeorgeWiman was deceased, late of Crawford County, Indiana, Order Book A255-56. - 1840 -- October 28, Pilgrim two deeds 40 acres each from Lewis Pearson(Crawford County, Indiana (General Index of Deeds Book 3-287) - 1842 -- November 27, Pilgrim Pope - William Proctor, 40 acres (CrawfordCounty, Indiana, Grantor Index Book 3-331) - 1843 -- October 9, Pilgrim Pope to Elijah Pope, Jr., 40 acres -original sold at Jeffersonville, Indiana (Crawford County,Indiana, Grantor Index: Book 3-406) Census: - 1820 -- Crawford County, Indiana, page 11 - 1M 26-45, 4F under 10, 1F26-45 - 1830 -- Crawford County, Indiana, page 243 - 1M under 5, 1M 5-10, 1M40-50, 1F 5-10, 1F 20-30 - 1840 -- Crawford County, Indiana, page 919 - 1M 15-20, 1M 50-60, 1F5-10, 1F 10-15, 1F 15-20, 1F 40-50 - 1850 -- Crawford County, Indiana, page 38 - 1860 -- Crawford County, Indiana, page 98, taken July 13, 1860 Civil Records: - 1824 -- August 11, bond for 150 1/2 bushels of corn between Pilgrim andJeremiah Tadlock to William Lowden (Crawford County, Indiana,Civil Records A-2, 1820-1832 page 289) - 1825 -- Pilgrim Pope vs William Lowden on appeal - for plaintiff $15.75(Crawford County, Indiana Order Book A-288) WILL: - 1860 -- June 19, Will written/probated 08-20-1860 (Crawford County,Indiana, Will Record 2, 1859-1915, page 10) Appt. John Coble asexec'r, wit: Argustus Argenbright and George W. Argenbright - 1861 -- January 28, Court term, affidavit by Jacob Poe claiming JohnCoble incapable of acting as exec'r of estate of Pilgrim Pope,deceased. Joel Crecelius appointed adm'r by the court,security by Jacob Poe and Josiah Whitehead (Crawford County, IndianaProbate Book 7-1, 1853-1865, page 349) 1863 -- October 27, Court term, settlement of estate by admin'rCrecelius (Crawford County, Indiana, Probate Book 7-1, 1853-1865,page 479, Crawford County, Indiana, Grantor Index Book 10-119 Below is information quoted from Pilgrim Pope's Will as found inBook 2 page 10: "Dated 06-19-1860" Recorded 08-20-1860 Wife Sarah to have all personal property and her lawful share of proceedsof real estate after it is sold. Residue to go to heirs after deductingwhat has been paid each one; viz: Mary Ann Crecelious (spelling) Elijah Pope Sarah Hansleman (spelling) Mahala Rawlings Exec - John Coll------ (unable to read) Wit - Augustus Argenbright and George W. Argenbright Below is information quoted from Sarah Pope's WILL as found in Book2, page 53-54 "Dated 12-02-1861" Recorded 04-09-1867 - Heirs of Elizabeth Tower (deceased) $2.00 - Mary Crecelius $2.00 - Grandchild - John Freeman $2.00 - Grandchild - Sarah E. Miller $2.00 - Elijah Pope $2.00 - Sarah Hansleman personal items - Daughter - Mahala B. Rawlings to have remainder of estate Exec - Friend - Eli Stewart Wit - Luke Wood and Andrew J. Bailor
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