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Richard Plantagenet + Cecily de Neville
Richard Neville + Anne Beauchamp
Richard III King of England2 OCT 1452 -- 22 Aug 1485avatar
Anne Nevilleabt 1453 -- 1485avatar


Edward Plantagenet

Aged: 11 years
Died Early
Edward of Middleham, also known as Edward Plantagenet (c. 1473 "" 9 April 1484) was the only son of King Richard III of England and his wife Anne Neville. The exact year of Edward's birth is uncertain, but he is known to have been born at Middleham Castle, a former possession of his maternal grandfather, Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, between April 1473 and December 1474. In 1478, following the execution of George, Duke of Clarence for treason the title Earl of Salisbury was granted to Edward until his death. The title then became extinct until restored to Clarence's family during the reign of King Henry VII. Edward was also invested as Prince of Wales following his father's succession as king of England in 1483. The investiture ceremony took place at York Minster, and contemporary records suggest it was arranged in a hurry. It is thought possible that the boy had been unable to travel to London for his parents' coronation because of ill-health, but that his condition had improved by the time they reached the north of England. Edward's date of death is as controversial as his birthdate, with some sources listing it as 31 March 1484 and others as 9 April 1484. Edward's sudden death left his father without an heir, leaving the way open for Henry Tudor to take the throne at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485. Edward is buried in the parish church at Sheriff Hutton, another of his family's estates.
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