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  1. Census: 1910 VA, Rockbridge Co. census Virginia; Website
  •  08-Oct-14 6:19 PM
I am searching for info about J. Charles Burks, who founded the St Charles Hospital in Roanoke, VA. The building still stands, and my apartment is located in the basement, which I've recently learned was probably the morgue!! I'm curious about the history of the building, and the doctor: was he a GP or specialist? DoB and DoD? Any information would be respectfully appreciated.

The Great Depression's impact was obvious on the surface; Lone Oak was
foreclosed upon, the Saint Charles Hospital on Mountain Avenue closed, and
service on the Franklin Road street car line was discontinued, just to name a
few of many unfortunate events. Yet it is diffi cult to determine the true extent
of its long-term impact on Old Southwest. City real estate records indicate a
number of foreclosures on homes, but not a disproportionate amount. At the
same time many long-time homeowners maintained their properties, while
many sold their houses in the 1940s when the country was beginning to
  •  22-Jan-14 9:35 AM
David Cabell Burks died March 16, 1914 at the St. Charles Hospital which he and his brother Dr. J Charles Burks owned.

I've put the death date Thank You.

J.J. BurksModerator

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