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Charles Madison 

04/186112/30/1946  MO, Morgan Co, Versailles Alice Silvey 

Lydia A. V. 

04/04/186201/24/1942  MO, Morgan Co William Marion Marriott 
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  • Other, : Danial George Decker came to Morgan Co. Mo. about or before 1860. According to the morgan co. marriage record dated April 7, 1861 he married Hettie Marriott, daughter of John W. [Old John] Marriott. Danial gave his statement that he was from Tenn.
    "Though there was a W.A. Litsinger of Meth Minn. stated that Daniel or
    Danial George Decker was born in Michigan. Don't know if this was the same Danial George Decker or not. Ref: Rex Decker. 1994."
    Little is known about this man, before he came to Mo. or even after he was
    here. The only information we have was gathered by his great grandson Claude Rex Decker, and this was only family rememberences and not proven. Rex has never been able to find out who Danial's father was. It is believed that his name may have been Issac or Isham Decker. This came from only a theory that Rex had.
    Danial and Hettie's son Charley Madison Decker had two sons that died in infancy, thier names were Isaac and Isham. Knowing that the family named a lot of the children after their grandparents, it is only supposed that one of the infants was named after Danial^s father.
    Danial^s mother is not known, but as only supposition that she could have been a Marriott, as a theory that Danial possibly came to Mo. to join the Marriotts as the older generations tended to follow the familys around. Or it may or may not have been that Danial only knew Hettie in Tenn. and came here to be with her. None of this has been proven as of yet. "Or if Danial was indeed born in Michigan, as Litsinger stated, Danial may never have been in Tenn.?"
    Danial and Hettie had three sons and one daughter Lydia A. V. The Sons were Charles Madison, and Bram, and George.
    There was mention of another Decker at this time. He was called Oliver. Not sure that he was Danial and Hettie^ son, there is no record of him, other than heresay. Some folks back then seemed to think that Danial arrived in Mo. From the north with a small boy on the back of Danial^s horse with him. But this is not proven. If true, this could have been Oliver. Some say that the boy was Bram. If there were truly a boy with him when he arrived. Neither thery has any proof, other than heresay. The man who told us this story also said that Danial used two different names, Danial Decker and also George Dumalt, No proof of this. There was a Dumalt around Morgan Co. about this time, Same person? Doubtful.
    Danial must have been a very unsocial man, Nobody seemed to know anything about him. The only thing we have on him was handed down through the family, from what Hettie had said:
    Harold Decker and his brother Bill grandsons of Charley were old enough to remember Hettie, Charley^s Mother, before she died.
    Both can remember some stories Hettie told of Danial. In her own words, as
    remembered by Harold and Bill: Hettie, called Granny, told the boys, that "Dan'l was a fine upstanding feller, Tall and dark, and most times he dressed well. He was a traveling man. Most times he wore good duds, but time to time when he showed up to home after being gone a spell, he would be dirty and ragged. Other times he would come home all duded up. He always rode a big stout sorrel horse, which most times he kept him tied out in the bresh, back of the barn.
    He toted two big pistols and he would shoot the heads off of squirrels with
    them. He carried a deck of metal playing cards when he left home."
    Harold said that he heared other stories from her but being only a boy, he
    remembered the things that would interest a small lad, such as the guns and cards.
    Danial must have been gone from home a lot during the early years of 1860^s. It is not proven that he was involved in the civil war, but there is some belief that he was. Possibly he could have rode with the bushwackers, considering the way he would show up at home, sometimes clean and well dressed and at other times tired and ragged and dirty, I often wandered why he kept his horse hid in the brush, except he might have been ready for a quick departure if needed.
    Danial seemed to just have left the area sometime around the middle or late 1860^s and never returned, No one knows for sure. There is no record of him being here after that in the cenus or any other records.
    This resercher found some unproven history that may or may not have had any connection with Danial at all. But it was interesting to think about and wonder.
    About the time Danial disapeard, there was seven or eight, possibly bushwackers, that attacked a farm north of Cole Camp, they robbed and either killed or wounded the farmer. They were captured by a group of farmers nearby.
    Acording to the story, it was crop time, and the farmers didn^t want to take the outlaws to Sedalia to the law and spend time at the trial, so the hung them and buried them in a hollow. There were no names mentioned in either party, but some of the outlaws were supposed to be from the Versailles area. This is only a story that was passed down, there is no proof what so ever.
    The possible name of the farmer was known To Rex Decker, as the victom's great grandson was the one who related the story to Rex, but was not written here for obvious reasons.
    At this time we have never been able to find out any of Danial's family before he showed up in Morgan Co. Mo.
  • Other, : : In 1870 Hettie (Marriott) Decker is living next door to Susan (Marriott) Ritchie. At that time Susan was a widow of my ancestor Milas L. Ritchie. Susan was Milas L. Ritchie's 2nd wife. Susan was the daughter of (old) Edgecomb (b. abt 1791)and (old) Hettie (maiden surname unknown, born about 1800 ) Marriott. Susan has 6 of her step-children living with her (one of which was my ancestor Winnifred Frances "Winnie" Ritchie) and 3 of her own children living with her in the 1870 census.

    BIOGRAPHY: I found your Hettie (Marriott) Decker married a 2nd time as Mrs. Hettie Decker to P.M. Huckeby on September 1, 1881 in Morgan Co., MO.

    BIOGRAPHY: Also in my file there is a note that says Hettie possibly married to a Mr. Zumwalt. I thought I found her in a census record probably the 1880, as Hettie Zumwalt with her children. I don't have the record copied into my file yet. I think that this was found on the 1880 census record in Morgan Co., MO but I can not be certain.
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  1. Website:white schulz family;
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