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Nathan B. Darrow1828 -- 1 MAY 1891avatar
Elisabeth "Betsy" SheplerAUG 1832 -- 12 MAY 1916avatar
James O'Kelly Way22 MAY 1833 -- 2 AUG 1866avatar
Anna Semira Pickett24 NOV 1836 -- 16 FEB 1916avatar
Marriage6 MAY 1883
Married by J. C. Pickett, Justice of the Peace

ClydeHerbertDarrow c

Clyde Herbert2 4 5 6 Darrow2 4 5 6

Birth22 MAR 18582 4 5 6
Religionaft 1900salvationist
Next door to [son], Fred Darrow6
Death23 JAN 1930
at the Bloomington, California home of his son, Fred Darrow, where he had been living for the last two months during his illness.
Grave27 JAN 1930
buried in Plot: Block 1, Lot 73, Space A, next to his father, Nathan Darrow
Aged: 71.8 years

According to "Ingersoll's Century Annals of San Bernardino County, 1769-1904," California State Library, Sacramento, pages 717 and 718, Clyde Herbert Darrow owned 15 acres one mile east of Bloomington, San Bernardino County, California, planted in peaches, apricots, and oranges. Clyde moved to Rialto in 1887. He and his brother-in-law, Ezra Graft, painted the first buildings in town.

The following is from "My Memories of World War One," by Violet Page World who was born 3 March 1907. The article was published on pages 33-35 in "The Sholin/ World Family History Book 1993, edited and compiled by Virginia Sholin Smallwood. The part dealing with her grandparents, Clyde and Cora Darrow, was tacked onto the end of Violet World's article. "Grandma and Grandpa Darrow owned a farm and orange grove in Bloomington, California.

They traded off for two homes in Redlands that were heavily mortgaged and a little cash. They then homesteaded in Columbus, New mexico, where he farmed and trapped for a living. They stayed until Granpa had to leave that high altitude. Grandma died sometime later in Columbus and was buried in New Mexico. Grandma was in her seventies."

 After asking Violet to elaborate on her story, she wrote, "My grandfather, Clyde Herbert Darrow, owned three homes: two in Redlands and his adobe home in Columbus, New Mexico. The only live town left is Deming, New Mexico. Columbus now is a state park monument to the war with Mexico - in about 1914. When we went to Grandpa's house it was 246 Chestnut Avenue, Redlands, CA. Grandpa came back to Redlands to get a job to take back some money to New Mexico. There was not work there. Uncle Fred [Darrow] with his wife and nine children were starving. Uncle Fred never left his farm. They went into partnership with their homestead and farm."

Cora Belle Way 1904

Cora Belle4 6 7 Way4 6 7

Birth14 AUG 18594 6 7
County was Breckenridge then, later changed to Lyon County.4
Had given birth to 2 children, both of whom were still living.6
Religionaft 1900salvationist
in the household of her son-in-law, Frank E Page
Death8 FEB 1937
Cause: stroke
Aged: 77.5 years
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

Maude May 

21 OCT 18856 AUG 1932  KS, Morris Co, Council Grove Frank Edward Page 

Fred Herbert 

29 AUG 188630 MAY 1970  KS, Morris Co, Council Grove Armol Margaret Miller 
Pics & Attach-
  • ClydeHerberDarrow R_C
  • Clyde Herbert Darrow, abt. 1882
  • Cora Belle Way, abt. 1882
  • Fred, Cora, Maude & Fred (jr.) Darrow, ca 1887
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