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Mickey & Clara   February 14, 1939

Robert Thomas Sidney (Mickey) Walker

Birth9 MAR 1914
Death19 OCT 1968
Aged: 54.6 years
Mickey & Clara   February 14, 1939

Clara Ann Bulanek

Birth19 NOV 1916
Death22 JAN 1998
Congestive heart failure
Aged: 81.2 years
Occupation: Bookkeeping Dept at bank
Clara Ann Bulanek was born on November 19, 1916 in Crosby Texas. She grew up in Danbury, Texas, with her parents, Joe and Julia Skrabanek Bulanek, and her siblings, Martha Marie, Julia, Evelyn Mae, and Donald Joe Bulanek. Later a young third grader named Vincent Hechler came to live with them and became a part of the family.

As a young girl, Clara spent many happy days playing with the Wollam, Pechacek, and Skucius girls. She attended school in Danbury and graduated as Valedictorian of her class.

After completing high school, Clara worked as a clerk at McBride's store in Danbury, where she met Grace and Lloyd Caroon, who would become her best friends for the rest of her life.

On February 14, 1939, Clara married Robert Sidney (Mickey) Walker. They had four children, Michael Dennis, Douglas Nelson (who died at 18 months), Joe David, and Ann Kathleen. Some people have in-law problems, but not Clara. She embraced her new husband's family and became more a sister than a sister-in-law. Clara converted to a Catholic at the time of her marriage.

In the mid-40's, Clara and Mickey bought and operated a grocery store in Danbury. It was long hours and hard work, but Clara enjoyed working with the employees and visiting with the customers. Fatigue was always eased with joking and laughter

In the Late 40's, they sold the store and Mickey began rice farming and raising cattle. When it came time to vaccinate or spray the cattle, Clara would be there helping all day long, even though she was terrified of the "Wildest Brahma Bull that ever lived". Her hands worked hard while her mouth continually warned Mickey and family to "Be careful!", "Watch Out!", "Get out of there!", etc.

The family moved next door to the Prunty Family, which later became the Prunty/Harvey family when Florence Helen married Paul (Pug) Harvey. The families were already friends, but as close neighbors, they soon adopted each other as Family. Clara always valued them and their love and support as did her children.

Clara was devoted to her family. They were truly the center of her life. She and Mickey showered their children with love, while instilling faith and discipline in them. Clara was always available to help and encourage her children, but she was not above chasing them with a rake to get them to do yard work. She expected them to do their best in everything that they did. She would question why we made a 99 instead of 100. She volunteered many hours as a room mother when the children were in elementary school. Later, when they were in high school, she attended events as a concession stand worker, spectator or proud parent. Her family always knew that she loved them and would be there to support them.

In 1958, Clara went to work in the bookkeeping department of the First National Bank of Angleton. She was a loyal and valued employee for the bank until she retired after twenty years of service in 1978.

Mickey died of a heart attack in 1968. This was a big loss to all of the family. Clara really struggled with his death. She had never recovered from the death of Nelson in 1943. She always said that "you can't get over the death of a child." In 1973, after a long period of mourning, Clara started dating Joe Galaznik of Angleton. They dated for five years, In 1978, at the encouragement of her children, Joe and Clara got married. Unfortunately, this marriage did not last. They divorced in 1983. At this time Clara moved in with her father, Joe Bulanek (Papoo) and lived with him until his death in 1988.

While Clara loved everyone (children, siblings, in-laws, friends), they were all in second place to her grandchildren. From Kelly Ann Walker, who was first (and special because Clara had to wait so long for Mike to marry and produce children), Douglas Cavanaugh Walker, Jennifer Michelle Daniel, Thomas Johnson Walker, Joseph Robert Daniel to the twins, Kathleen Nicole Daniel and Kimberly Ann Daniel (who helped Mimi through her last summer). Each was special to her in so many ways. She spoiled them, disciplined them, but most of all she loved them with all her heart. Because the grandchildren were so close in age, there was always a lot of noise and activity. Mimi (as the grandchildren called her) named them the "Thundering Herd". Clara was proud of each and every one of them and they were very fortunate to have Clara as their Grandmother.

Clara was a high-energy person. She loved to work hard, but loved to play hard also.

The family and friends spent many weekends going to Surfside Beach or boating on the bayou, enjoying cookouts. The family spent much of their free-time with Grace and Lloyd Caroon and their daughter, Carol Jane Caroon Craig.

Clara and Mickey loved to dance. Parties at their home often would include Big Band music from the 30's and 40's.

Once grandchildren arrive, Clara would rent a beach house at Surfside beach for a week. The family would spend the week eating, laughing and playing board games and dominoes.

In her later years, she enjoyed traveling with groups and friends. She traveled to several states, took a cruise to Alaska (with Mike's mother-in-law, Frances Cavanaugh), and toured Germany and Austria.
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses



Douglas John Nelson 

11 APR 19434 SEP 1944  TX, Brazoria Co, Freeport  

Joe David 

18 FEB 194704 FEB 2016  TX, Brazoria Co, Angleton  

Ann Kathleen 

11 JAN 195018 FEB 2013  TX, Brazoria Co, Angleton Robert Gregory (Greg) Daniel 
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