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Joseph Kenyon + Sarah Allyn
Jacob Dolson Cox2 JUN 1792 -- 5 NOV 1852avatar
Thedia Redelia Kenyon25 MAY 1804 -- 28 JUN 1876avatar


Charles Finney Cox

Birth16 JAN 1846
Org.1870-18773 Canada Southern Railway, car accountantcar accountant
Org.1876-19114 Toledo, Canada Southern and Detroit Railroad, secretarysecretary
Org.1876-1896 Michigan Midland and Canada Railroad, Secretary, TreasurerSecretary, Treasurer
Org.1880-18884 Chicago and Canada Southern Railroad, secretary, treasurersecretary, treasurer
Org.1887-18893 Richmond and Allegheny Railroad, VPVP
Org.1889-19024 Detroit and Chicago Railroad, directordirector
Org.18984 Kansas City Southern Railway, VPVP
Org.1901-19114 Detroit and Bay City Railroad, treasurertreasurer
Lake Erie and Western Railroad, NY, New York City, VP, Secretary & TreasurerVP, Secretary & Treasurer
Org.1902-19124 Detroit, Toledo and Milwaukee Railroad, directordirector
Michigan Central Railroad, NY, New York City, TreasurerTreasurer
Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway, NY, New York City, Secretary & TreasurerSecretary & Treasurer
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Railway, NY, New York City, TreasurerTreasurer
Cincinnati Northern Railroad, NY, New York City, TreasurerTreasurer
Org.1905-19114 Northern Central Michigan Railroad, treasurertreasurer
Org.1905-19014 Detroit, Monroe and Toledo Railroad, treasurertreasurer
Org.1905-19114 Sturgis, Goshen and St Louis Railroad, treasurertreasurer
Org.1905-19114 Kalamazoo and White Pigeon Railroad, treasurertreasurer
Org.1905-19114 Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway, treasurertreasurer
Org.1906-19114 St Clair and Western Railroad, treasurertreasurer
Org.1910-19124 Bay City and Battle Creek Railroad, treasurertreasurer
Org.1910-19114 Jackson Lansing and Saginaw Railroad, treasurertreasurer
Org.1910-19114 Kalamazoo and South Haven Railroad, treasurertreasurer
Org.1910-19114 Michigan Air Line Railroad, treasurertreasurer
Org.1910-19124 Battle Creek and Sturgis Railroad, treasurertreasurer
Org.1910-19114 Detroit Belt Line Railroad, treasurertreasurer
Death24 JAN 1912
Aged: 66 years
Pics & Attach-
  • Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Railway
  • Detroit, Monroe and Toledo Railroad
  • Kansas City Southern Railway
  • Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway
  • Michigan Central Railroad
  • Toledo, Canada Southern and Detroit Railroad
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  1. Findagrave Charles Finney Cox
  2. Book: Poor's Manual of Railroads, 1902;
  3. Book: Biographical Directory of the Railway Officials of America, 1893;
  4. Book: Biographical Directory of Michigan Railway Officials;
  5. Website: Family Search Trees;
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