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Captain James Davis

Birth1575( place questionable )
Resideabt 1609
Ship "Virginia"
Ship Captain
Passenger Lists
Aged: 58 years

Original Settler of Jamestown

He was an ancient planter as he was one of the original settlers of Jamestown. When he was 27 years old and set sail on 1st June 1607 from Plymouth, England to Virginia.

Captain James Davis has been mentioned as Gentleman, Captain, Captain of Fort Sagadahoc, Maine, Colony Governor; original settler of Jamestown, Virginia, and "Ancient Planter." It appears that he spent a considerable amount of time sailing back and forth between England and Virginia, and Boddie notes he "was among the company of men assembled by Sir John Popham, 1607, to settle the region of Virginia which later was designated New England."

In 1607 he helped establish the first English colony in New England (Sagadahoc, Maine). Unfortunately the colonists there had a very hard time of it and most returned home to England by 1610. At that point, James sailed on to Jamestown in Oct. of 1609 aboard the ship Virginia where he became one its earliest settlers, one of the "ancient planters."

Captain James Davis died on 16 February 1622/23 in James City, Henrico, Nansemond County, Virginia; death noted by Hotten: "James Davis, dead at his plantation over the water from James City, Februay 16, 1623." Whether he was killed by the Indians or not is not shown.

Rachell Keyes

Birth1585( place questionable )
Aged: 48 years
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


abt 1601bef SEP 1646  England Mary Durham 


16101665  VA, Isle of Wight Co Mary Green 


161120 SEP 1683  VA, James City Co Elizabeth ___ 
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Tom Burks   •  19-Oct-17 5:10 PM
Davis assumed command of Fort Algernon at Point Comfort, where he survived the Starving Time of 1609-10. Davis was a councilor for the north Virginia Colony.

Virginia became a safe refuge when Indian hostilities erupted. She was also used to go inland to relieve Fort Algernon and attempt trade with the Powhatan confederacy. During one trip, Davis decapitated two Indians and left their mutilated bodies near the fort. On yet another inland foray, he destroyed a Powhatan village, burnt their corn and killed all men, women and children. Davis was soon in command of three forts. wikipedia.org

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