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Byron James1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Rhodes1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Birthabt 18481 2 3 4
Occupation: Druggist1
B. J. Rhodes, representative, Realty Syndicate of Oakland. Reisde: 916 2nd.7
Head of household. Also living there was his daughter, Jessie3
widowed, father-in-law of the head of household, Harry J. Squires4
Death8 JAN 19246
Aged: 76 years

Byron James Rhodes was added to this database as an associate – a mentor – of George Charles Jensen. The following story is told to show how one person achieved success through the interest of Mr. Bryon and his two daughters. Byron Rhodes usually was a druggist, but at a crucial time in the life of George Jensen, he happened to be living in Eureka, California as an agent for a real estate company apparently based in Oakland, California.

George Jensen had only achieved a hit and miss sixth grade education when he came into contact with Bryon Rhodes. However, George’s interest in being somebody had already been sparked and he was taking an International Correspondence School course in basics, such as English, Geography, Arithmetic and so forth. He had also begun a second course in civil engineering. It should also be noted, however, that George’s father had barely recovered, by that time, from a serious financial setback and had gone off to Alaska to seek his fortune. So no money was to come from that source.

Below are George Jensen’s own words about how he progressed with the help of Byron Rhodes and his daughters. Comments in parentheses are his and those in brackets are mine:

“About this time I met B. J. Rhodes and my world began to grow. I went to Toom [?] with him. I had ever had an ambition for power and imagined it lay in the field of military. I was bent on joining the navy, joined the naval militia (coast guard) in Eureka which merely urged me on.

“Then Miss Jessie Rhodes came to Eureka. She came from Berkeley. Son I learned of the university [University of California] and the military department. There. That settled it. It was really the military that lured me hence to begin with.

“In the early summer of 1905 I said to Mr. Richardson [his employer], ‘I am going to leave. I am going through the U.C.’ There I stood, with a sixth grade education in the public school, a correspondence course finished, no high school work and declared for the university. It probably is well that we never know how wide the river is till we are across it. But the spirit would not down anyway.

“I had saved practically no money primarily because I had no one to guide me. I borrowed $100.00 from Alfred [his brother] and set sail for Berkeley. I tried to enter the high school but could not without an examination which I could not have passed at all then.

“Then Mrs. Squires (Mrs. Rhodes daughter) went to P.R. Boone for me and I entered Boone’s University School and ½ tuition or $100.00 per semester…”

George Jensen’s story continues, but this is the last mention of the Rhodes family, other than a note that on 6 Aug 1913, Mr. B.J. Rhodes, along with his granddaughters, Dorothy and Helen Squires, were among several people at the wedding of George Jensen and his bride, Myrtle Hendee, at a home in Oakland, California.

Still, that George Jensen wrote about the Rhodes family in this way shows that Byron J. Rhodes and his daughters, Jessie and Margaret (Mrs. Squires) were very influential in helping George Jensen on his life’s journey. Mr. Jensen went on to get his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and was accepted into the Ph. D. program. He went on to a very successful career in education, beginning in Elko, Nevada, and continuing through his retirement in California. The contributions to George Charles Jensen's success in life made by Byron James Rhodes and his two daughters were certainly appreciated by George. This appreciation is also felt by members of his family.

Emma1 2 Holmes1 2

Birthabt 18471 2
Note: Also in the household was Anna Homes, 18, born in New York1
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

Margaret E 

APR 1871  CA Harry James Squires 

Jessie B. 

abt 1877  CA  
George Charles JensenGeorge Charles Jensenprotegesource
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