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Marteyn Poschet/ Posey + Anne de Colnet
John Bayne
Thomas Weston + Elizabeth Weaver
Francis/Francois Poschet/ Posey1615 -- 05/24/1654avatar
Elizabeth Humphrey1620/1630 -- bef 1669avatar
Walter Bayneabt 1620 -- 1670avatar
Elinor Westonabt 1625 -- 11 NOV 1701avatar


Benjamin Posey

Aged: 68.2 years
Some researchers had placed Benjmain as a son of Francis and Elizabeth, ra
ther than of John and Susanna. See John BELAINE's will. He had left ha
lf his estate to his wife and her children. The other court documents the
re show there were only two children of Francis and Elizabeth, those bei
ng Anne and John.
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


168507/28/1750  MD, Charles Co Patience Bateman 


06/01/1691  MD, Charles Co John Riggs, Cleborne Lomax, John McNeal 


10/10/169302/23/1724  MD, Charles Co  


169504/28/1717  MD, Charles Co  


05/09/170204/23/1774  MD, Charles Co Anne Clarke 


bef 170602/1749  MD, Charles Co Mary Wilkinson 
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  • Will, : ===
    Charles County Circuit Court, Birth, Deaths & Marriage Records, Liber Q
    Posey, Mary, d/o Benjamin and Mary Posey of head of Wicomico River, b. 10 Sep 1693
    Posey, Susanna, d/o Benjamin Posey and Mary Posey of head of Wicomico River, b. 1 Jun 1691
    Shirley Davis Warren

    On 10 Mar. 1690, a balance from the estate of 8893 lbs. tob. was divided between the widow Susanna (1/3=2964 lbs.) and 5929 lbs. between Susanna, wife of Edward PHILPOTT, Elizabeth POSEY, Mary POSEY, Jane POSEY, Humphrey POSEY, and John POSEY for their "part and proportion of the remaining part of the sd: Estate." (Q1:24-26)

    Note that Humphrey and John were included in the distribution. The court record shows the that this distribution was to be divided among "the rest of his children," and did not include "two of his sons." The statement about "give unto two of his sons" (not "his two sons") also implies there were more than two sons. It is believed one of these would be Benjamin. The other probably died unmarried, and his share would have descended to his eldest brother Benjamin.

    Some researchers have placed Benjmain as a son of Francis and Elizabeth, rather than of John and Susanna. See John BELAINE's will. He had left half his estate to his wife and her children. The other court documents there show there were only two children of Francis and Elizabeth, those being Anne and John. Note also that John BAYNE in his 1700 will (MD Wills 11:217) bequeathed 2 tracts bought of Benjamin POSEY, obtained by Jno. POSEY from Nicholas BELLAINE by deed. One of these was stated to be "Muddle's Branch." "Middle Branch" had been patented by John POSEY in 1682. For Benjamin POSEY to have obtained these tracts from John POSEY, it would be
    by having inherited them from John POSEY. John POSEY in 1673 purchased the tract "St. John's" from Thomas ALLANSON. This tract would also appear to have have descended to his son Benjamin. Benjamin's son John in his 1716 will left "St. John's" to his brother Francis. (Md Wills 14:270)

    Additionally, some researchers have listed the births of John, Benjamin, and Belaine, sons of this Benjamin and his wife Mary, widow of Nicholas BELAINE as various dates in the 1680s. Simply, that can not be. Mary by her first husband Nicholas BELAINE had two children whose births were recorded in the court records, Jemima 15 Mar. 1686 and Elizabeth 25 Feb. 1688. After her marriage to Benjamin POSEY, they had recorded the births of Susanna on 1 June 1691 and Mary on 10 Oct. 1693. It was about this time that births stopped being recorded in the court records. Most likely John, Benjamin, and Belaine were born in the period from ca. 1695 to 1699.

    It can be proved that one daughter of John POSEY, married Charles ALLANSON (ALLISON). Charles ALLISON in his 1698 will, stated for his "father-in-law" Thomas ASTEN to be guardian of his son Thomas ALLISON. (MD Wills 7:393) Thomas AUSTIN would be his step father-in-law. In 1722 Thomas ALLANSON/ALLISON sold all his right in the tract "St. John" to Francis POSEY. (Deeds L2:21) This tract had been patented by Thomas' paternal grandfather Thomas ALLANSON, but sold to his maternal grandfather John POSEY. Thomas ALLISON's
    only right in this tract was by being the the only child of his mother, a daughter of John POSEY. When Thomas ALLISON died about 1733, John POSEY and Benjamin POSEY signed the inventory as next-of-kin. (Inv. 17:349) Note also that Thomas ALLISON was guardian in 1720 for Elizabeth CORNISH, who would be his cousin. Whether Thomas ALLISON married Elizabeth or Mary is unknown. Further records of both have not been found.

    It had been thought at one time that Mary DUNAWAY who in Nov. 1710 bound her son Richard WISE, age 10, unto Edward CORNISH until age 21, and her son Francis WISE, age 8, to Thomas AUSTIN until age 21, may have been indentical to John's daughter Mary. If it had been true Edward CORNISH would have been Mary's brother-in-law, and Thomas AUSTIN her step-father.
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