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Benjamin HarrisonLewis Burwell + Lucy HigginsonAnthony Smith + Martha Bacon
Benjamin Harrison, II09/20/1645 -- 01/30/1712avatar
Hannah Churchill02/13/1651 -- 02/16/1699avatar
Hon., Maj. Lewis Burwell1652 -- 12/19/1710avatar
Abigail Smithabt 3/11/1656 -- 11/12/1692avatar


Attn. Gen. Va. Benjamin Harrison, III

VA Attorney General
Flag of Virginia
Flag of Virginia
VA Treasurer
Flag of Virginia
Aged: 37.3 years

Elizabeth Burwell

Aged: 58 years
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


169512 JUL 1745  VA, Charles City Co Anne Carter 


abt 1708/1710abt 1783  VA John Terrell 
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  • Other, : The Harrisons had by now become a powerful political family in Virginia, and the responsibility of upholding the family name was turned over to Benjamin Harrison's (II) eldest son, Benjamin Harrison (III). However, rather than remaining on the family estate, Benjamin Harrison (III) moved across the James River to the Berkeley Hundred in Charles City Co, which his father had purchased in 1691. It is not exactly clear when the move was made, but it probably occurred not long after the property was bought. He became the owner of Berkeley, following the death of Giles Bland, son of John Bland, the previous owner, when he was hanged by Governor Sir William Berkeley in 1676, after participating in the Rebellion under Bacon. Although he was only three years old at the time, it is probable that his father, purchased it for him while he was still young. Berkeley Hundred was comprised of about eight thousand acres on the James River in Virginia, and was a land grant of the London Company, in 1618, to Sir William Throckmorton, Sir George Yeardley and Richard Berkeley and John Smith of Nibley. It was named for Richard Berkeley. In 1619, the "good ship Margaret" of Bristol sailed for Virginia and brought thirty-five settlers to the new Town and Hundred of Berkeley. In 1622, a terrible massacre took place and nine people were brutally slain at Berkeley. For several years, thereafter, the plantation lay abandoned, until William Tucker and others got possession of it in 1636, and it became the property of John Bland, a merchant of London. In any case, it was from Berkeley that the ambitious young Harrison set out to establish a political career. He soon became Attorney General of Virginia, holding that office between 1697 and 1702. From there he entered the House of Burgesses, becoming Speaker of House in 1705. He also served a Treasurer in the colony until 1710, when on April 10th he died at the young age of thrifty-seven. He apparently suffered from gout, and may have had a heart attack following a game of cricket he played in March from which he never fully recovered. He was a local supporter of the Established Church. The public erected a monument to his memory in the Old Westover Churchyard. He died at age thirty-seven in 1710, and his tomb may be seen today at the site of Old Westover Church, on the river near Westover. The inscription on the tomb is in Latin and Greek. His wife, Elizabeth Burwell, is buried beside him and her tomb bears the Family Coat of Arms.
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