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Marteyn Poschet/ Posey + Anne de Colnet
Francis/Francois Poschet/ Posey1615 -- 05/24/1654avatar
Elizabeth Humphrey1620/1630 -- bef 1669avatar


John Mould


Anne Posey

Aged: 70.8 years
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abt 16601695  MD, Baltimore Co, Mosquito Creek Peter La Foucate Fugate 
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  • Will, : Edward Robarts 6.649 A CH #6928 #6928 Feb 17 1679
    Payments to: John Godson, Phillip Lynes, Gerrard Browne, Dr. Cornish, John Mould, Maj. Whelar.
    Administrator/Executor: Thomas Alleson (also Thomas Allanson)
    Charles County Circuit Court, Liber A; 22 Apr 1662, Page 207 - 208
    George Short appoints Mr. Thomas Lomax as his attorney dated 13 Mar 1661; /s/ George Short; wit. John Hatton, John Mowld

    Petition of George Shorte: Mr. Francis Doughty, Minister, stands indebted for 450# of tobacco and cask; said Doughty "having absented himself and not being resident of this Province"; petitioner requests attachment; bill of Francis Doughty to George Short for 800# of tobacco to be paid at Piccawaxon or Potomac 10 Nov next; dated 21 Jun 1660; /s/ Fr. Doughty; wit. Raphell Haywood, Alexander Eaton; endorsement on back for 400# of tobacco received; /s/ Richard Richard; further endorsed Mr. Riches, atty. for Doughty, to be paid 50# of tobacco; no one appearing to defend Doughty, court ordered attachment for 600# of tobacco plus court and sheriffs fees
    URL: http://home.netcom.com/~fzsaund/poseywill1.html
    URL title: John Belaine Will
    In January 1679 John MOULD petitioned that he had married the daughter of Francis POSEY, whose widow married John VALLAINE, who died possessed of 300 acres of land, besides goods and chattel, and before his death by will bequeathed one half of his estate real and personal unto his wife and her two children she had by Francis POSEY to be equally shared among the three, and the other half to his two children he had by his said wife, and after the death of John VILLAINE, Alexander SMITH married his widow and had the original will of said VILLAINE, so that the petioner supposes there was never any administration on the estate, nor accounting of his share of the estate in right of his wife. The Petitioner asked the court to summons Alexander SMITH to bring in the will and his accounting of the estate.

    At court in 1680, Alexander SMITH presented receipts from the 4 heirs of
    John BELAINE from his will:
    12 April 1669 Anne POSEY, "daughter of Francis Posey decd. doe at this
    present before the solemnity of Marriage betwixt Jno. Mould" acknowledged
    her 1/4 share bequeathed by her "father in Law Jno. BELAINE."
    23 May 1670, Jno. POSEY acknowledged full receipt of everything left him
    by the will of his "father in Law Jno. BELAINE."
    3 Feb. 1678 Giles COLLIAR, "who married Grace Belaine the daughter of Jno
    Belaine" acknowldged receipt from Alexander SMITH, "who married the Relict
    of the sd. Jno Belaine" of her portion of the estate.
    6 Dec. 1679 Nicholas BELAINE, "son of Jno. BELAINE" acknowledged full receipt of his portion of his father's estate.
    Charles County Circuit Court Liber E, Page 124-1/2
    3 Aug 1673; Indenture from Mathias Obrian, planter, to Richard Edelen of St. Mary's Co.; for 1,900# tobacco; a tract called Dublin; laid out for 200 acres; /s/ Mathias Obrian; wit. John Mould, George Godfry
    Charles County Circuit Court Liber H, Page 248
    12 Apr 1669; Anne Posey, spinster, d/o Francis Posey, to marry Jno. Mould, carpenter; mentions mare left her by her father; /s/ Anne Posey; Wit. Joseph Horton, Giles Willson
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