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Andrew Sholin
Anders Jonsson Sjölin

Birth25 NOV 1868
Kyrkbyn, Alfta parish, Hälsingland
to U.S. A. from Sweden
Resideabt 1890
at 412 Troost, Kansas City
m s Tremont
same address as Peter Sholin
fox farming with brother, Edward, as "Sholin Bros. & Co., of Homer
Death24 FEB 1946
Grave27 FEB 1946
West Hills Section 6, lot 3
Aged: 77.2 years
Never Married, No Children

Anderw came to the U.S. in 1882, the same year as his older brother, Olaf. In 1885, he was living with the family of Andrew Gudmond in Norway, Republic Country, Kansas, according to the 1885 Kansas State Census. The census showed that he was 17, born in Sweden, and had come directly to Kansas from that country.

In 1912, Andrew and his brother, Edward, signed up in Seattle, Washington to work on a sheep ranch in the Aleutians. He and his brother worked there before going to Homer, Alaska, where they started and worked a silver fox farm. He built a two-story home, there, with an additional cabin in the back. For long periods of time, he would take in relatives, and others, as well. At those times, Andrew lived in the cabin. Andrew had a Homestead of 160 acres in Homer, Alaska.

There is a reference to Andrew Sholin in, "In those Days: Alaska Pioneers of the Lower Kenai Peninsula," Pioneers of Alaska, Igloo 32, Auxiliary 14, Homer, Alaska, page 63. 1923: "He dropped us off and Andrew Sholin, who lived close by, brought his horse and hauled our household goods up to a log cabin...the only one close to the beach. As we were getting closer to the land we noticed how open the land was. monstly fields of grass that grew six feet high in some places, with just a few patches of small trees here and there. It seems like everyone moved into Andrew's home in Homer. He even built himself his "own" log cabin nearby. (See the link to Ann Sholin's article in the sources for Anders Jonsson Sholin.)

From National Archives Record Group: 049 on Andrew's homestead property in Homer, Alaska: Anchorage 04052, patent #945930, there was a document in the file dated 21 April, 1923. In it were listed the following cultivation and improvements: "Hewed log house 18x22 1 1/2 story with leant 8x10 and 10x12. Log cabin 14x18, log barn 16x30, frame storehouse 8x10, 18 fox houses 4x6, hoghouse 6x6, 1000 feet picket fence, 5000feet woven wire fox fence, 6 acres plowed and 11 acres cleared for meadow. Has 60 silver foxes, 1 horse, 20 Siberian hares." Further it stated that Andrew, "established residence on the land under Forest Service permit July 15, 1915. He maintained continuous residence." On the Final Affidavit Required of Homestead Claimants, dated 6 Oct 1923, is a list of crops that were planted and harvested each year. For 1923, Andrew had planted and harvested 6 acres of potatoes, vegetables, and timothy. On Section 17, he had 9 or 10 acres of hay lands and no buildings. On Section 20, the larger house was valued at $1000; the smaller one at $100; the barn at $200; a meat house, 10x12 at $50; a root house at $50; 19 fox pens at $3800; and fencing at $50. These were Andrew's estimates.

It is an interesting sidelight into human character that his witnesses, Mrs. Dalfena Woodward and Stanton Shafer, made cost estimates that were, for the fox pens, considerably lower - $2000 and $1500 respectively. The estimated values of the rest of the property were much closer to Andrew's estimate. Either Woodward and Shafer didn't know about fox pen values or Andrew's figures reflected his emotions about his chosen career!

With a letter dated 12 Jul 1932, the Department of the Interior finally returned Andrew's Certificate of Citizenship, given 2 May 1900 through the County Court, Multnomah County, Oregon. Back in 1922, Andrew had sent it to the Department of Interior (probably as required) with his Homestead Entry No. 04052! (Good thing we now have photocopiers!) We do not have this original document, but a copy should be available through the Multnomah County Court.

The 1920 Federal Census of Kenai County, Alaska, taken 8 March 1920, has Andrew living with his brother in dwelling #18 of Homer. He was listed as age 50 and single, having immigrated in 1881 and naturalized in 1900. He was born in Sweden and a fox farmer working on his own account as was his brother. He was listed as speaking no English.

Some time between 1925 and 1929, Andrew became ill and left for Oregon, where he lived with his brother, Edward, at the Southern Hotel, owned by Edward's wife. The Southern Hotel was at 202½ 6th Street in Grants Pass, Oregon. It was really more like a rooming house, with a few guests. When Andrew died, his funeral was charged to G. E. Sholin of Albion, California. The order was given by Edward Sholin and G. W. Boswick (sic). This last person was G. W. Goswick, Edward's step-son. Several months later, Edward died, too. The brothers were very close and had spent many years living and working together.

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