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Arnulf Bishop of Metz + Dode Clothilde of HeristalPepin "the Elder", of Landen + Itta of ScheldeBodilon of Trier + Sigrada of Soissons
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Pepin of Heristal

Death16 DEC 0714
Aged: 80 years
He was Carolingian mayor of the palace, who reunited the Frankish realms in the late Merovingian period. A grandson of Pepin the Elder, he succeeded to his position in the kingdom of Austrasia around 680. In 687 he extended Carolingian rule to the other Frankish kingdoms, Neustria and Burgundy, but retained members of the Merovingian dynasty as figurehead monarchs in all three. Two years later he extended his control over the Frisians, a pagan people living on the North Sea coast. Pepin's death was followed by a civil war and the succession of his illegitimate son Charles Martel.
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

Childebrand I Lord of 

0684abt 0751  Belgium, Liege, Heristal Rolande of Toulouse 


068822 OCT 0741  Belgium, Liege, Heristal (then Austrasia) Sunnichild of Bavaria, Rothaide? ___, Chotrud Rotrou 
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  •  25-Apr-08 8:48 AM
I worked my line to a Landrade, daughter of Pepin and Alpadia (Chalpaida) . Landrade married Count Lambert of Poitiers, Bourgogne, France. I have been trying to document or at least get a confirmation on this link, but nobody seems to want to list the sister of her famous brother Charles Martel. Where can I find proof that Landrade was a daughter of Pepin and Alpadia?


Updated6-25-2024 03:51 PM7-10-2024 07:54 AM
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