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John Southworth + Mary Aston?
William Carpenter + Abigail Carpenter
Sir Thomas Southworth1550 -- 1617avatar
Rosamond Lister1556 -- 1586avatar
Alexander Carpenter1546 -- 1612avatar
Priscilla Dillen1562 -- 20 DEC 1653avatar


Edward Southworth

DeathBEF 1623
Aged: 38 years

Alice Carpenter

Birth3 AUG 1590
Historyjul 1623
Ship "Anne"
Passenger Lists
Death26 MAR 1670
Aged: 79.6 years
Alice Carpenter married Gov. Bradford of the Plymouth Colony. As planned, Alice married William Bradford about one month after she arrived in the New World.

"A Ship Captain's View of Early Plymouth," Mayflower News of Wisconsin, State of Wisconsin, Fall 1994:

Captain Emmanuel Altham of the Little James reached Plymouth in the summer of 1623, ten days after the Anne. Together the two ships brought some sixty persons to the colony. Altham describes the wedding feast celebrating Governor Bradford's marriage to Alice (Carpenter) Southworth, just arrived aboard the Anne. He writes: "Upon the occasion of the Governor's marriage [August 14, 1623], Massasoit was sent for to the wedding, where came with him his wife, the queen, although he hath five wives. With him came four other kings and about six score men with their bows and arrows -- where, when they came to our town, we saluted them with the shooting off of many muskets. And so all the bows and arrows was brought into the Governor's house, and he [Massasoit] brought the Governor three or four deer and a turkey. And so we had a very good pastime in seeing them dance, which is in such manner, with such noise that you would wonder.... And now to say somewhat of the great cheer we had at the Governor's marriage. We had about twelve pasty [meat pie] venisons, besides others, pieces of roasted venison and other such good cheer in such quantity that I could wish you some of our share. For here we have the best grapes that ever you saw - and the biggest, and divers sorts of plums and nuts."

William Bradford sent for his son John and Alice Southworth Bradford sent for her sons, Thomas and Constant, who arrived about a year later with their aunt Juliana Carpenter Morton and lived with the "Bradfords".
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


abt 161404/10/1679  Netherlands, Zuid Holland, Leyden Elizabeth Collier 


16178 DEC 1669  Netherlands, Zuid Holland, Leiden Elizabeth Raynor 

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