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John Strange + Mary M
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Alexander Strange Strange

Aged: 60.7 years
attested by several genealogies
Online publication - Edmund West, compiler ancestry.com ancestry.com and his family are associated with St Peter's Parish (Church of England/Episcopalian) for about 150 years.

Elisa J Strange-von Rice of Phoenix, Arizona, has some extensive interesting history from her investigation of the church's vestry information (edited):

I have been curious since reading that the Strange Family -- Alexander Strange and descendants -- stayed in Virginia so long ( about a century and a half) and each of them seemed to be Christened or buried at New Kent County (formerly Bisland), St. Peters Parish (Episcopalian). I found the index to the Vestry records via a Google search and located Alexander Strange and family; more than thirty entries; mostly christenings & births & deaths. The deaths of Alexander and wife Anne are included.

I found that the monetary system was all in pounds of tobacco; I saw a shilling mentioned only once. It seems that the congregation started in the late 1600's and they built the church 1701-1703. The minister was very proud it was a brick church; it is mentioned many times. It tells how many pounds of tobacco were bartered for its construction. They later added a steeple and accessed the members again for pounds of tobacco. Apparently the Episcopalians tell you how much your tithe is going to be; in this case so many pounds of tobacco. If it was not paid they reminded you it was due, and how delinquent.

I then went back and pulled up all the vestry records and read them; what a history lesson in the Colonies! Martha Dandridge was a member of St. Peters Parish. She and George Washington were married in this very church in 1757. The Stranges were here 50 years before Martha and George.

They sometimes refer to the church as the " Church of the First Lady." Another interesting fact: the De La Warr (became "Delaware") family came to Virginia from England. The oldest son of De La Warr became the first governor of Virginia and one of their other son's became the second governor of Virginia. Their Youngest son, Nathaniel, is in the vestry records as Colonel DeLaWarr. The DelaWarr wife & Mother was ELIZABETH STRANGE.

The Stanley, DelaWarr, and a couple of other families of the Virginia Company were directly related to the Stranges. These were not farmers; it is evidenced by the excavations of the colony. There was no farm equipment whatsoever, and there were things like gold jewelry and other items ordinary working class people would not have possessed back in those days. In one place it even refers to one as "Lord Strange."

In the Amos Strange writings it said he left his very large estate and the church of his forefathers in Virginia to move to South Carolina to marry the Irish lass Frances Bailey. Also the St Peter's vestry records mention a L'Estrange. Amos was supposed to be instrumental in the establishment of a church in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

He is supposed to be buried in the Camp Meeting Grounds -- what was this church? I will be trying to find these records. Since Amos was in the Revolutionary War was he acquainted with the de la Warr (Strange) and the Colonel Nathaniel De La Warr and George Washington?

-- "STRANGE" AND DERIVATIVES, USA , yourtotalevent.com 26-Apr-2007

There seems to be some uncertainty whether the father of Alexander Strange was a John Strange from Devon. Others have reported a London connection, from Hunstanton, but this also is disputed. The late John Mayer, cited by several sources, wrote a huge compendium of several volumes on the various Strange and related lines in all countries. He has said there is no primary source information supporting the commonly reported parentage of Alexander Strange (born Bideford, Devon, and Died New Kent County, Virginia) as John Strange and Phoebe Chandler Mitchell.

John Mayer suggests that the Devon Stranges (Le Stranges) descended from an Irish line that had earlier developed from the Hunstanton line. Such a connection has not been established. Even if this is the case, the longer-term connection is still there. The Irish Stranges came from the Hunstanton-Shropshire line.

The Family Data Collection had a middle name for Alexander and his father, but it was the same as their last name: John Strange Strange, Alexander Strange Strange. It is not clear if this was intentional, but it appears to be. This makes me wonder if the S in son Henry's name is also for Strange. I have known families where this was the case.

Most genealogies indicate that Alexander was married twice, but give no name. In September 2007, I found three genealogies showing a wife named Sarah (no last name) married in 1712. This appears to be the wife of Alexander Strange, Jr. I still have seen no firm evidence that Alexander had two wives. I will show only one wife, until I have found additional information indicating otherwise.

One genealogy by Dixie Oakley has only one wife. Since I have seen no information, explanation or documentation, I am reporting Alexander as having only one wife until I can find documentation justifying another marriage.

A frustrating thing about this is that most people are not careful to tell how they find their data. You don't know where they get their material, or how they know what they report. Thus there is little by which to judge the validity or credibility of the data in many cases. Further, Ancestry.com collects submitted trees into an anonymous collection of the One World Tree.

Anne Sammis

Aged: 50.1 years
Dixie Oakley, co.uk
source had only first name of wife; another, anonymous, tree had last name

One World Tree [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc. co.uk

Alternate Birth: 1670
Online publication - Ancestry.com. One World Tree [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc.

Alternate Death: 29 JAN 1717/18 St Peters Parish, New Kent, Virginia, USA
Online publication - Ancestry.com. One World Tree [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc.

The source I have followed had several more children than other sources. The information is fairly complete and consistent on them, so this seems credible. Henry, the first child, is the child through whom are descended the Gregories of Oklahoma, through Julia Ann Clementine Strange and Dock Patrick Gregory in Tennessee and Oklahoma. Strange descendants from this line remained in Tennessee or immigrated to Georgia, Mississippi and farther west.
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


abt 16851746  VA, New Kent Co Mary Liptrot 


16871742  VA, New Kent Co  


16911745  VA, New Kent Co, St Peters Parish Sarah ___ 


10/22/16934/20/1717  VA, New Kent Co, St Peters Parish  


16961760  VA, New Kent Co, St Peters Parish  


16991775  VA, New Kent Co, St Peters Parish  


4/5/17021765  VA, New Kent Co, St Peters Parish  


17041784  VA, New Kent Co, St Peters Parish  


6/5/17061/27/1717  VA, New Kent Co, St Peters Parish  


1/14/17081765  VA, New Kent Co, St Peters Parish  
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