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Abraham Hasbrouck + Catherine "Catrina" Bruyn
Louis Bevier III + Hester DuBois
Hendrick Jansen + Anneken Schoonmaker
Hendricus Slecht + Sara Kierstede
Gen. Joseph Hasbrouck3 MAR 1743 -- 26 FEB 1808avatar
Elizabeth Bevier9 JUN 1749 -- 4 MAY 1795avatar
Hendrick Jansen, Jr.26 APR 1731 -- 18 AUG 1794avatar
Helena Slecht24 JUN 1739 -- 28 MAR 1819avatar

Abraham J. Hasbrouck

Abraham Joseph Hasbrouck

Birth16 OCT 1773
Flag of New York
Flag of New York
Flag of New York
Death12 JAN 1845
Aged: 71.2 years
Hasbrouck Avenue in Kingston, New York
Hasbrouck Place in Kingston, New York
Hasbrouck Park in Kingston, New York

From Kingston historian Edwin Millard Ford's book Street Whys: Anecdotes and Lore About the Streets of Kingston, New York, pages 84-85:
East Strand 

"As early as the 1820's, Abraham J. Hasbrouck bought land along the Rondout Creek from Division Street (later called Union Avenue and then Broadway) east toward the Hudson River. His orchards, farmland and gardens extended along the creek from is homestead near Division Street to the vlieightberg, west of Tompkins Street. Vleightberg is a Dutch word meaning "a site with a small stream." A high limestone promontory was located on his property in front of what we now call Hasbrouck Park. When able-bodied people climbed to its summit, it provided a beautiful panoramic view of the Hudson River.
About 1840, the Newark Lime & Cement Company leased the limestone vleightberg from Hasbrouck to quarry it. As a result of the quarry operations, the vleightberg was completely removed. After Abraham Hasbrouck's death in 1845, his heirs sold 40 acres of this property to the cement company."

Page 86:
East Union Street

"This street was originally referred to as Mill Street as it crossed the Newark Lime & Cement Company property below what is now Hasbrouck Park. When the cement company commenced quarrying operations in 1840, there was no road along the Rondout Creek shore. On July 1, 1844, the company purchased from the trustees of the Hon. Abraham Hasbrouck's Estates nearly 40 acres of land including the quarry and waterfront."

Page 135:
Hasbrouck Avenue
"Abraham Joseph Hasbrouck was born in New Paltz, New York, on October 16, 1773, and came to Rondout as a young man. He was a merchant known as "Abraham of the Strand" and accumulated a great deal of land east of what is now Broadway. It was Abraham was refused to sell his land to the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company in 1826, and he named what is now called lower Broadway, Division Street. When Abraham died on January 12, 1845, his son Jansen and his son-in-law Gabriel Ludlum took over his affairs. In 1851, Jansen Hasbrouck applied to the Rondout village trustees to have the street officially named Hasbrouck Avenue. In 1893, the Kingston Common Council approved the name Hasbrouck Avenue for the area from Ferry Street to Grand Street. In 1965, the Federal Urban Renewal Program destroyed all of Hasbrouck Avenue between Meadow Street and Delaware Avenue. The part between Meadow Street and the James F. Loughran Bridge became part of the north-south arterial highway named Francis Koenig Boulevard in 1980. The section between Prince Street and Grand Street is closed to the public and is used by the Board of Public Works for storage of its equipment and supplies."

Pages 137-138:
Hasbrouck Place
"Named for the Abraham Hasbrouck family, the street may have been on the property of Francis A. Waters and his wife, Mary L. Waters. Mary was the granddaughter of Abraham, and the daughter of Judge Gabriel W. Ludlum and Catherine Hasbrouck. A Quit Claim from Mary L. Waters on May 15, 1895, established this street."
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


20 NOV 179724 APR 1886  NY, Ulster Co, Kingston Henry Sharpe 


23 JAN 18006 NOV 1865  NY, Ulster Co, Kingston Richard Eltinge 


13 MAY 180528 JUL 1885  NY, Ulster Co, Kingston Gabriel William Ludlum 


27 JAN 18107 FEB 1891  NY, Ulster Co, Kingston Charlotte Ostrander 
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