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Subject/Book Location Birth-Death  Author/Biographer TypeSurnamesImage
History of Richland Co OHOH, Richland Co1848-1896 Albert Adams Graham Author
History of Rock and Pipestone Co MNMN, Rock Co1875-1970 Arthur Petty Rose Author
History of Rock Co WIWI, Rock Co1845-1923 William Fiske Brown Author
History of Rockingham and Strafford Co NHNH1850-1924 Duane Hamilton Hurd Author
History of Rockingham Co VAVA, Rockingham Co1872-1962 John Walter Wayland Author
History of Rush Co ININ, Rush Co
History of Rutherford Co TNTN, Rutherford Co
History of Rutland Co VTVT, Rutland Co1839-1925 Henry Perry Smith Author
History of Sac Co IAIA, Sac Co1859-1935 William Henry Hart Author
History of Sacramento County, CaliforniaCA, Sacramento Co
History of Sandusky Co OHOH, Sandusky Co
History of Schenectady Co NYNY, Schenectady Co1850-1919 William Watkins Munsell Author
History of Schoharie Co NYNY, Schoharie Co
History of Schoharie Co, NY, 1713-1882NY, Schoharie Co1837-1929 William Emmet Roscoe Author
History of Schuykill Co PAPA, Schuylkill Co1850-1919 William Watkins Munsell Author
History of Schuyler and Brown Co ILIL
History of Scott Co IAIA, Scott Co
History of Seattle from the earliest settlement to the present timeWA, King Co1843-1932 Clarence Booth Bagley Author
History of Seneca Co NYNY, Seneca Co
History of Seneca Co OHOH, Seneca Co1845-1919 Abraham Jackson Baughman Author
History of Shearn Church
History of Sheboygan Co WIWI, Sheboygan Co1838-1914 Carl Reginald Zillier Author
History of Shelby Co ININ, Shelby Co
History of Shelby Co OHOH, Shelby Co1839-1912 Almon Baldwin Carrington Hitchcock Author
History of Solano County...and Histories of Its Cities, Towns...etc. ...CA, Solano Co
History of South Wiltshire. Sir Richard HoareEngland
History of Southern ArkansasAR1852-1926 Weston Arthur Goodspeed Author
History of St Georges ChurchNY, Suffolk Co
History of St Joseph Co ININ, St Joseph Co1837-1916 Timothy Edward Howard Author
History of St Marks ChurchCT, Hartford Co1838-1926 James Shepard Author
History of St Pauls, BrevardNC, Transylvania Co
History of St Pauls, SalisburyNC, Rowan Co
History of Stark Co OHOH, Stark Co1834-1891 William Henry Perrin AuthorHistory of Stark Co OH
History of Suffolk Co NYNY, Suffolk Co1846-1930 Richard Mather Bayles AuthorHistory of Suffolk Co NY
History of Sullivan Co TNTN, Sullivan Co
History of Summit CountyOH, Summit Co1834-1891 William Henry Perrin AuthorHistory of Summit County
History of Summit CountyOH, Summit Co1848-1896 Albert Adams Graham Author
History of Susquehanna Co PAPA, Susquehanna Co1826-1907 Emily Clarissa Blackman Author
History of the 104th Pennsylvania RegimentPA1820-1910 William Watts Hart Davis Author
History of the Alison or Allison Family1843-1902 Leonard Allison Morrison AuthorAlison, AllisonHistory of the Alison or Allison Family
History of the Atwood Family In England and the United StatesEngland, Surrey1803-1887 Charles Atwood AuthorAtwood
History of the Borough of Bury, LancashireEngland, Lancashire
History of the Boston Fire DepartmentMA, Suffolk Co, Boston1863-1919 Arthur Wellington Brayley Author
History of the Campbell family Campbell
History of the Cayuga Baptist AssociationNY
History of the Church in HadlymeCT, Middlesex Co
History of the Church of the Brethren in IndianaIN
History of the Churches of HillsboroughNC, Orange Co
History of the city of ToledoOH, Lucas Co1820-1903 Clark Waggoner Author
History of the County Palatine and City of Chester
History of the County Pallatine and City of Chester
History of the Descendants of Peter Spicer1862-1938 Susan Billings Meech Author
History of the Descendants of Peter Spicer1839-1924 Susan B. Spicer Author
History of the early settlers of Sangamon County, Illinois : centennial record (1876)IL, Sangamon Co1819-1894 John Carroll Power Author
History of the Evangelical Lutheran SynodSC1844-1927 Samuel Thomas Hallman Author
History of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of MDMD1883-1976 Abdel Ross Wentz Author
History of the family of ChichesterEngland
History of the First Congregational Church, StoningtonCT, New London Co, Stonington1817-1904 Richard Anson Wheeler Author
History of the First Presbyterian Churchof Apollo, PennsylvaniaPA, Armstrong Co, Apollo
History of the Freeman Family1833-1910 Juliette A. Freeman AuthorFreeman
History of the Genessee Methodist Conference 1848-1908NY
History of the Halifax Congregational ChurchMA, Plymouth Co
History of the Hocking ValleyOH
History of the Hubbell family1851-1932 Walter Hubbell AuthorHubbell
History of the Illinois Central Railroad Company and representative employesIL
History of the Juniata Valley PAPA, Mifflin Co1840-1921 John Woolf Jordan AuthorHistory of the Juniata Valley PA
History of the Kidder family1859-1905 Frank Eugene Kidder AuthorKidderHistory of the Kidder family
History of the Kuykendall Family1843-1931 George Benson Kuykendall AuthorKuykendall
History of the Lent Family1856-1936 Nelson Burton Lent AuthorLentHistory of the Lent Family
History of the Lower Scioto Valley OHOH, Scioto Co
History of the Lutheran Church in North Carolina, 1803-1953NC
History of the Marion PresbyteryOH1845-1911 Asahel Clark Crist AuthorHistory of the Marion Presbytery
History of the Methodist Church in OklahomaOK
History of the New England Southern Conference1865-1946 Rennetts Carren Miller Author
History of the Old Baltimore ConferenceMD, Baltimore City1830-1908 James Edward Armstrong Author
History of the Original Town of Concord, Erie County, New YorkNY, Erie Co1818-1883 Erasmus Briggs AuthorHistory of the Original Town of Concord, Erie County, New York
History of the Palatine and Dutchy of Lancashire
History of the Parish of Preston
History of the Pittsburgh Baptist AssociationPA
History of the Polk Co Baptist AssociationMO1826-1913 John Williamson Haines AuthorHistory of the Polk Co Baptist Association
History of the Presbyterian Church in TrentonNJ, Mercer Co1806-1894 John Hall Author
History of the Presbytery of Central TexasTX1823-1907 Levi Tenney AuthorHistory of the Presbytery of Central Texas
History of the Presbytery of PhiladelphiaPA1816-1890 Alfred J. Nevin Author
History of the Presbytery of SteubenNY1864-1942 James Alexander Miller Author
History of the Present Deanery of Bicester, OxonEngland, Oxfordshire
History of the Princes, the Lords Marcher and the Ancient Nobility of Powys Fadog
History of the Protestant Episcopal Church in NYNY1832-1914 James Grant Wilson Author
History of the Red Stone PresbyteryPA1826-1907 John Morrison Barnett Author
History of the Rochester PresbyteryNY1829-1901 Levi Parsons Author
History of the Sacramento Valley, Vo. II, biographies of the Pioneer Historical Society Publishing Co., Chicago, 1831CA, Sacramento Co, Sacramento
History of the Seneca Baptist AssociationNY1843-1914 Lewis Halsey Author
History of The Seymour Family, 19391887-1970 Donald Lines Jacobus AuthorSeymour
History of the Shaftsbury Association1813-1889 Stephen Wright Author
History of the State of California and Biogrphical Record of Coast CountiesCA1834-1918 James Miller Guinn Author
History of the town and city of GloucesterMA, Essex Co, Gloucester1862-1939 James Robert Pringle Author
History of the Town of Antrim, New Hampshire: From its Earliest SettlementNH1835-1912 Warren Robert Cochrane Author
History of the Town of Camden, Maine., Hallowell, ME: 1859.ME
History of the Town of Exeter, New Hampshire. History of th,Charles H. BellNH1823-1893 Charles Henry Bell Author
History of the Town of Middleboro, MassachusettsMA, Plymouth Co, Middleboro1834-1920 Thomas Weston Author
History of the town of StoningtonCT, New London Co1817-1904 Richard Anson Wheeler Author