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Painters, Sculptors, and other Artists (213)

Linking artists with the subjects of their art; Click column heading to sort.

Subject Birth-Death Painter / SculptorTypeImage
Christopher Columbus 1450-1506 Lorado Zadok Taft StatueChristopher Columbus
Margaret Douglas 1515-1577 Nicholas Hilliard PersonMargaret Douglas
Richard Hilliard 1517-1594 Nicholas Hilliard PersonRichard Hilliard
Charles Howard 1536-1624 Nicholas Hilliard PersonCharles Howard
Francis Drake 1540-1596 Nicholas Hilliard PersonFrancis Drake
George Carey 1546-1603 Nicholas Hilliard PersonGeorge Carey
Nicholas Hilliard 1547-1619 Nicholas Hilliard PersonNicholas Hilliard
George Clifford 1558-1605 Nicholas Hilliard PersonGeorge Clifford
Mary Sidney 1561-1621 Nicholas Hilliard PersonMary Sidney
Henry Wriothesley 1573-1624 Nicholas Hilliard PersonHenry Wriothesley
Cecilius Calvert 1605-1675 Florence MacKubin PersonCecilius Calvert
Leonard Calvert 1606-1647 Florence MacKubin PersonLeonard Calvert
Edward Holyoke 1689-1769 John Singleton Copley PersonEdward Holyoke
Epes Sargent 1690-1762 John Singleton Copley PersonEpes Sargent
Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790 William Couper StatueBenjamin Franklin
Silvester Gardiner 1708-1786 John Singleton Copley PersonSilvester Gardiner
Israel Putnam 1718-1790 John Trumbull PersonIsrael Putnam
Thomas Gage 1718-1787 John Singleton Copley PersonThomas Gage
Roger Sherman 1721-1793 Chauncey Bradley Ives StatueRoger Sherman
Samuel Adams 1722-1803 John Singleton Copley PersonSamuel Adams
John Knox Witherspoon 1723-1794 William Couper StatueJohn Knox Witherspoon
William Blackstone 1723-1780 Paul Wayland Bartlett StatueWilliam Blackstone
James Warren 1726-1808 John Singleton Copley PersonJames Warren
Oliver Wolcott 1726-1797 Ralph Earl PersonOliver Wolcott
Mercy Otis 1728-1814 John Singleton Copley PersonMercy Otis
Richard Stockton 1730-1781 Henry Kirke Brown StatueRichard Stockton
Samuel Huntington 1731-1796 Charles Willson Peale PersonSamuel Huntington
William Smallwood 1732-1792 Charles Willson Peale PersonWilliam Smallwood
George Washington 1732-1799 Gilbert Charles Stuart PersonGeorge Washington
John Dickinson 1732-1808 Charles Willson Peale PersonJohn Dickinson
Benjamin Lincoln 1733-1810 Charles Willson Peale PersonBenjamin Lincoln
Thomas McKean 1734-1817 Charles Willson Peale PersonThomas McKean
William Floyd 1734-1821 Ralph Earl PersonWilliam Floyd
Paul Revere 1734-1818 John Singleton Copley PersonPaul Revere
Thomas Wharton 1735-1778 Charles Willson Peale PersonThomas Wharton
John Carroll 1735-1815 Gilbert Charles Stuart PersonJohn Carroll
Elizabeth Oliver 1735-1767 John Singleton Copley PersonElizabeth Oliver
John Adams Jr. 1735-1826 John Trumbull PersonJohn Adams Jr.
George Plater 1735-1792 Charles Willson Peale PersonGeorge Plater
Daniel Morgan 1736-1802 Charles Willson Peale PersonDaniel Morgan
Charles Pettit 1736-1806 Charles Willson Peale PersonCharles Pettit
Arthur St Clair 1736-1818 Charles Willson Peale PersonArthur St Clair
Benjamin Huntington 1736-1800 Daniel Huntington PersonBenjamin Huntington
William Shepard 1737-1817 Gilbert Charles Stuart PersonWilliam Shepard
John Wentworth 1737-1820 John Singleton Copley PersonJohn Wentworth
John Singleton Copley 1738-1815 John Singleton Copley PersonJohn Singleton Copley
Woodbury Langdon 1739-1805 John Singleton Copley PersonWoodbury Langdon
George Clymer 1739-1813 Charles Willson Peale PersonGeorge Clymer
William Bartram 1739-1823 Charles Willson Peale PersonWilliam Bartram
George Clinton 1739-1812 Ezra Ames PersonGeorge Clinton
George Clinton 1739-1812 Henry Kirke Brown StatueGeorge Clinton
Mary Wright 1740-1829 Ralph Earl PersonMary Wright
William Paca 1740-1799 Charles Willson Peale PersonWilliam Paca
Charles Willson Peale 1741-1827 Charles Willson Peale PersonCharles Willson Peale
Joseph Warren 1741-1775 John Singleton Copley PersonJoseph Warren
Robert Eden 1741-1784 Florence MacKubin PersonRobert Eden
Mordecai Gist 1742-1792 Charles Willson Peale PersonMordecai Gist
Nathanael Greene 1742-1786 Henry Kirke Brown StatueNathanael Greene
Nathanael Greene 1742-1786 Henry Kirke Brown StatueNathanael Greene
Mary Turner 1743-1813 John Singleton Copley PersonMary Turner
Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826 Rudulph Evans StatueThomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826 Charles Willson Peale PersonThomas Jefferson
John Page 1743-1808 Charles Willson Peale PersonJohn Page
Jeremiah Wadsworth 1743-1804 John Trumbull PersonJeremiah Wadsworth
Thomas John Claggett 1743-1816 John Wesley Jarvis PersonThomas John Claggett
Abigail Smith 1744-1818 Gilbert Charles Stuart PersonAbigail Smith
John Barry 1745-1803 Gilbert Charles Stuart PersonJohn Barry
Oliver Ellsworth 1745-1807 Ralph Earl PersonOliver Ellsworth
Timothy Pickering 1745-1829 Charles Willson Peale PersonTimothy Pickering
John Sevier 1745-1815 Belle Marshall Kinney StatueJohn Sevier
John Sevier 1745-1815 Charles Willson Peale PersonJohn Sevier
Frances Wentworth 1745-1813 John Singleton Copley PersonFrances Wentworth
John Jay 1745-1829 Gilbert Charles Stuart PersonJohn Jay
Benjamin Rush 1745-1813 Charles Willson Peale PersonBenjamin Rush
Theodore Sedgwick 1746-1813 Gilbert Charles Stuart PersonTheodore Sedgwick
Robert R. Livingston 1746-1813 Gilbert Charles Stuart PersonRobert R. Livingston
Gunning Bedford 1747-1812 Charles Willson Peale PersonGunning Bedford
Thomas Forrest 1747-1825 Charles Willson Peale PersonThomas Forrest
Otho Holland Williams 1749-1794 Charles Willson Peale PersonOtho Holland Williams
James Madison Jr. 1749-1836 Gilbert Charles Stuart PersonJames Madison Jr.
Jared Ingersoll 1749-1822 Charles Willson Peale PersonJared Ingersoll
Richard Cromwell 1749-1802 Charles Peale Polk PersonRichard Cromwell
John Hoskins Stone 1750-1804 Charles Willson Peale PersonJohn Hoskins Stone
Elizabeth Waters 1750- Charles Peale Polk PersonElizabeth Waters
Henry Knox 1750-1806 Charles Willson Peale PersonHenry Knox
John Davenport 1752-1830 Ralph Earl PersonJohn Davenport
John Brooks 1752-1825 Gilbert Charles Stuart PersonJohn Brooks
John Eager Howard 1752-1827 Charles Willson Peale PersonJohn Eager Howard
Joseph Bloomfield 1753-1823 Charles Willson Peale PersonJoseph Bloomfield
Gotthilf Henry Ernest Muhlenberg 1753-1815 Charles Willson Peale PersonGotthilf Henry Ernest Muhlenberg
Benjamin Tallmadge 1754-1835 Ezra Ames PersonBenjamin Tallmadge
William Cooper 1754-1809 Gilbert Charles Stuart PersonWilliam Cooper
Abigail Wolcott 1755-1818 Ralph Earl PersonAbigail Wolcott
Rufus King 1755-1827 Gilbert Charles Stuart PersonRufus King
Nathan Hale 1755-1776 Bela Lyon Pratt StatueNathan Hale
Nathan Hale 1755-1776 Frederick William MacMonnies PersonNathan Hale
John Marshall 1755-1835 Henry Inman PersonJohn Marshall
John Marshall 1755-1835 William Wetmore Story StatueJohn Marshall
John Trumbull 1756-1843 Gilbert Charles Stuart PersonJohn Trumbull
Alexander Hamilton 1757-1804 James Earle Fraser StatueAlexander Hamilton