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Painters, Sculptors, and other Artists (353)

Linking artists with the subjects of their art; Click column heading to sort.

Subject/Book Birth-Death  Painter/Sculptor TypeImage
Henry George Stebbins1811-1881 Henry Inman PortraitHenry George Stebbins
Nahum Stetson1807-1894 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitNahum Stetson
Thomas Meriam Stetson1830-1916 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitThomas Meriam Stetson
Adlai Ewing Stevenson1835-1914 Franklin Bachelder Simmons SculptureAdlai Ewing Stevenson
Helen West Stewart1854-1929 Florence MacKubin PortraitHelen West Stewart
Isabella J. Stewart1840-1924 John Singer Sargent PortraitIsabella J. Stewart
Richard Stockton1730-1781 Henry Kirke Brown SculptureRichard Stockton
Hiram Stone1824-1911 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitHiram Stone
John Hoskins Stone1750-1804 Charles Willson Peale PortraitJohn Hoskins Stone
David Strong1825-1914 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitDavid Strong
Selah Brewster Strong1792-1872 John Chester Buttre PortraitSelah Brewster Strong
Thomas Sumter1734-1832 Rembrandt Peale PortraitThomas Sumter
Van Renselaer Swift1813-1892 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitVan Renselaer Swift
William Howard Taft1857-1930 James Earle Fraser SculptureWilliam Howard Taft
Benjamin Tallmadge1754-1835 Ezra Ames PortraitBenjamin Tallmadge
Martha Tennent1751-1813 Ralph Earl PortraitMartha Tennent
George Thacher1754-1824 Leopold Grozelier PortraitGeorge Thacher
Daniel Tompkins1774-1825 John Wesley Jarvis PortraitDaniel Tompkins
Eleanor Beatrice Townsend1870-1884 John Singer Sargent PortraitEleanor Beatrice Townsend
Patrick Tracy1711-1789 John Trumbull PortraitPatrick Tracy
John Trumbull1756-1843 Gilbert Charles Stuart PortraitJohn Trumbull
Mary Turner1743-1813 John Singleton Copley PortraitMary Turner
Eleazer Tyng1690-1782 John Singleton Copley PortraitEleazer Tyng
Zebulon Baird Vance1830-1894 John Gutzon Borglum SculptureZebulon Baird Vance
Margaret Louisa Vanderbilt1843-1924 John Singer Sargent PortraitMargaret Louisa Vanderbilt
Jeremiah Wadsworth1743-1804 John Trumbull PortraitJeremiah Wadsworth
Samuel Lovett Waldo Sr.1783-1861 Samuel Lovett Waldo Sr. PortraitSamuel Lovett Waldo Sr.
John Walley1643-1712 Leopold Grozelier PortraitJohn Walley
James Warren1726-1808 John Singleton Copley PortraitJames Warren
Joseph Warren1741-1775 John Singleton Copley PortraitJoseph Warren
George Washington1732-1799 Gilbert Charles Stuart PortraitGeorge Washington
Elizabeth Waters1750- Charles Peale Polk PortraitElizabeth Waters
John Benjamin Welch1838-1862 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitJohn Benjamin Welch
Frances Wentworth1745-1813 John Singleton Copley PortraitFrances Wentworth
John Wentworth1737-1820 John Singleton Copley PortraitJohn Wentworth
John Grinnell Wetmore1817-1887 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitJohn Grinnell Wetmore
Thomas Wharton1735-1778 Charles Willson Peale PortraitThomas Wharton
George Washington Whistler1800-1849 Henry Inman PortraitGeorge Washington Whistler
Noah Whitman1785-1854 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitNoah Whitman
Otho Holland Williams1749-1794 Charles Willson Peale PortraitOtho Holland Williams
Mary Willing1770-1852 Gilbert Charles Stuart PortraitMary Willing
Levin Winder1757-1819 Florence MacKubin PortraitLevin Winder
Benjamin Franklin Wing1822-1898 John Angel James Wilcox PortraitBenjamin Franklin Wing
John Knox Witherspoon1723-1794 William Couper SculptureJohn Knox Witherspoon
Abigail Wolcott1755-1818 Ralph Earl PortraitAbigail Wolcott
Oliver Wolcott1760-1833 Gilbert Charles Stuart PortraitOliver Wolcott
Oliver Wolcott1726-1797 Ralph Earl PortraitOliver Wolcott
Charles Wood1813-1881 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitCharles Wood
Ariana Randolph Wormeley1834-1922 John Singer Sargent PortraitAriana Randolph Wormeley
Mary Wright1740-1829 Ralph Earl PortraitMary Wright
Henry Wriothesley1573-1624 Nicholas Hilliard PortraitHenry Wriothesley
Richard Yates1731-1808 Gilbert Charles Stuart PortraitRichard Yates
Thomas Young1840-1918 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitThomas Young