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Painters, Sculptors, and other Artists (213)

Linking artists with the subjects of their art; Click column heading to sort.

Subject Birth-Death Painter / SculptorTypeImage
John Wentworth 1737-1820 John Singleton Copley PersonJohn Wentworth
Thomas Wharton 1735-1778 Charles Willson Peale PersonThomas Wharton
George Washington Whistler 1800-1849 Henry Inman PersonGeorge Washington Whistler
Otho Holland Williams 1749-1794 Charles Willson Peale PersonOtho Holland Williams
Mary Willing 1770-1852 Gilbert Charles Stuart PersonMary Willing
Levin Winder 1757-1819 Florence MacKubin PersonLevin Winder
John Knox Witherspoon 1723-1794 William Couper StatueJohn Knox Witherspoon
Abigail Wolcott 1755-1818 Ralph Earl PersonAbigail Wolcott
Oliver Wolcott 1760-1833 Gilbert Charles Stuart PersonOliver Wolcott
Oliver Wolcott 1726-1797 Ralph Earl PersonOliver Wolcott
Ariana Randolph Wormeley 1834-1922 John Singer Sargent PersonAriana Randolph Wormeley
Mary Wright 1740-1829 Ralph Earl PersonMary Wright
Henry Wriothesley 1573-1624 Nicholas Hilliard PersonHenry Wriothesley