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Architects and Architecture (1,594)

Linking houses, churches, courthouses, and other buildings with the architects who designed them; Click column heading to sort.

Architect Date State CountyPlace Picture
David Hoadley 1810 CTNew Haven CoOrange, Congregational Church
Henry Austin 1857 CTNew Haven CoSeymour, Trinity Episcopal Church
Henry Austin 1846 CTNew Haven CoWaterbury, St Johns Episcopal Church
Ralph Adams Cram CTNew Haven CoWest Haven, Christ Episcopal Church
Isaac Fitch 1786 CTNew London CoNew London, County Courthouse
Richard Upjohn 1847 CTNew London CoNew London, St James Episcopal Church
Richard Upjohn 1849 CTNew London CoNorwich, Christ Episcopal Church
Richard Upjohn 1849 CTNew London CoStonington, Calvary Episcopal Church
Warren Richard Briggs 1895 CTWindham CoWillimantic, County Courthouse
Waddy Butler Wood 1902 DCWashingtonArmstrong SchoolArmstrong School
Clarence Lowell Harding 1915 DCWashingtonAsbury Methodist ChurchAsbury Methodist Church
Albert Lewis Harris 1924 DCWashingtonBancroft Elementary School
Adolf Cluss 1865 DCWashingtonBenjamin Franklin SchoolBenjamin Franklin School
Waddy Butler Wood 1925 DCWashingtonBrightwood Elementary SchoolBrightwood Elementary School
John Russell Pope 1912 DCWashingtonBrodhead-Bell-Morton MansionBrodhead-Bell-Morton Mansion
William Mundy Poindexter 1898 DCWashingtonBruce SchoolBruce School
Adolf Cluss 1865 DCWashingtonCalvary Baptist ChurchCalvary Baptist Church
Benjamin Henry Latrobe 1807 DCWashingtonCapitol Hill, Christ Church Parish ChurchCapitol Hill, Christ Church Parish Church
Robert Alexander DCWashingtonCapitol Hill, Christ Church Parish ChurchCapitol Hill, Christ Church Parish Church
Albert Randolph Ross 1902 DCWashingtonCarnegie Library
Ephraim Francis Baldwin 1888 DCWashingtonCatholic University, Caldwell Hall
William Butts Ittner 1916 DCWashingtonCentral High SchoolCentral High School
George Oakley Totten 1907 DCWashingtonCharles Evans Hughes HouseCharles Evans Hughes House
Adolf Cluss 1871 DCWashingtonCharles Sumner SchoolCharles Sumner School
Richard Upjohn 1843 DCWashingtonChurch of the EpiphanyChurch of the Epiphany
Nathan Corwith Wyeth 1913 DCWashingtonColumbia Hospital
Snowden Ashford 1897 DCWashingtonCongress Heights SchoolCongress Heights School
Appleton Prentiss Clark 1891 DCWashingtonCortelyou HouseCortelyou House
Snowden Ashford 1910 DCWashingtonCrummell SchoolCrummell School
Benjamin Henry Latrobe 1818 DCWashingtonDecatur HouseDecatur House
William James Palmer 1897 DCWashingtonDumbarton Methodist ChurchDumbarton Methodist Church
Snowden Ashford DCWashingtonEastern High School
Appleton Prentiss Clark 1910 DCWashingtonEaton Elementary SchoolEaton Elementary School
William James Palmer 1897 DCWashingtonEbenezer Methodist ChurchEbenezer Methodist Church
William Johnston Marsh 1906 DCWashingtonElizabeth G Randall SchoolElizabeth G Randall School
Appleton Prentiss Clark 1903 DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist ChurchFoundry United Methodist Church
Adolf Cluss 1864 DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist ChurchFoundry United Methodist Church
Snowden Ashford 1898 DCWashingtonFrench Manual Training SchoolFrench Manual Training School
Edward Clark 1881 DCWashingtonGales SchoolGales School
Frederick Clarke Withers 1869 DCWashingtonGallaudet University, President's House
Adolf Cluss 1886 DCWashingtonGarfield Hospital
Albert Lewis Harris 1929 DCWashingtonGarnett-Patterson School
Ammi Burnham Young 1858 DCWashingtonGeorgetown, Post Office
Nathan Corwith Wyeth 1935 DCWashingtonGeorgetown, Public Library
Glenn H. Brown 1892 DCWashingtonGlenwood Cemetery, chapel
Charles Edward Burden 1897 DCWashingtonHayes SchoolHayes School
George Oakley Totten 1927 DCWashingtonHouse at 2437 15th StreetHouse at 2437 15th Street
Albert Lewis Harris 1925 DCWashingtonJanney SchoolJanney School
Adolf Cluss 1872 DCWashingtonJefferson SchoolJefferson School
Adolf Cluss 1880 DCWashingtonJoseph Henry School
Snowden Ashford 1908 DCWashingtonKetcham Elementary SchoolKetcham Elementary School
Albert Lewis Harris 1928 DCWashingtonKey Elementary School
Reginald Wycliffe Geare 1917 DCWashingtonKnickerbocker TheaterKnickerbocker Theater
Appleton Prentiss Clark 1902 DCWashingtonLangston SchoolLangston School
Herbert Wheildon Cotton Browne DCWashingtonLarz Anderson HouseLarz Anderson House
Reginald Wycliffe Geare 1922 DCWashingtonLincoln Theater
Snowden Ashford DCWashingtonLucretia Mott SchoolLucretia Mott School
Snowden Ashford 1912 DCWashingtonMargaret Murray Washington School
Edward Clark 1886 DCWashingtonMaury SchoolMaury School
Samuel T. C. Morsell 1886 DCWashingtonMetropolitan African Methodist ChurchMetropolitan African Methodist Church
Calvin Thomas Stowe Brent 1882 DCWashingtonMetropolitan Baptist Church
Snowden Ashford 1912 DCWashingtonMilitary Road SchoolMilitary Road School
Snowden Ashford 1913 DCWashingtonMiner Teachers CollegeMiner Teachers College
Calvin Thomas Stowe Brent 1883 DCWashingtonMt Jezreel Baptist Church
Edward Lippincott Tilton 1925 DCWashingtonMt Pleasant, Public Library
Albert Lewis Harris 1929 DCWashingtonMurch Elementary School
Lemuel Watson Norris 1904 DCWashingtonNathaniel Gage SchoolNathaniel Gage School
James Renwick 1850 DCWashingtonOak Hill Cemetery, Chapel
James Hoban DCWashingtonOctagon HouseOctagon House
Snowden Ashford 1916 DCWashingtonPark View Elementary School
Stanford White DCWashingtonPatterson MansionPatterson Mansion
Edward Clark 1879 DCWashingtonPeabody SchoolPeabody School
Edward Clark 1891 DCWashingtonPerry SchoolPerry School
William James Palmer 1906 DCWashingtonPethworth, First Methodist Church
Nathan Corwith Wyeth 1939 DCWashingtonPethworth, Public Library
Daniel Hudson Burnham 1908 DCWashingtonRailway Station
Snowden Ashford 1903 DCWashingtonReno School
Edward Clark 1888 DCWashingtonRoss Elementary School
Appleton Prentiss Clark 1894 DCWashingtonSecond Baptist ChurchSecond Baptist Church
Albert Lewis Harris 1931 DCWashingtonShepherd Elementary School
Edward Clark 1891 DCWashingtonSlater Elementary SchoolSlater Elementary School
Adolf Cluss 1867 DCWashingtonSmithsonian Institution
James Renwick 1847 DCWashingtonSmithsonian Institution
Albert Lewis Harris 1923 DCWashingtonSmothers Elementary School
Benjamin Henry Latrobe 1816 DCWashingtonSt Johns ChurchSt Johns Church
Calvin Thomas Stowe Brent 1876 DCWashingtonSt Lukes Episcopal ChurchSt Lukes Episcopal Church
Waddy Butler Wood 1904 DCWashingtonSt Patricks Catholic Church, Rectory
Albert Lewis Harris 1932 DCWashingtonStoddert Elementary School
William Johnston Marsh 1910 DCWashingtonStrong John Thomson School
Snowden Ashford 1910 DCWashingtonStrong John Thomson School
Albert Lewis Harris 1925 DCWashingtonStuart-Hobson Middle School
Albert Lewis Harris 1933 DCWashingtonTaft Junior High School
Thomas Franklin Schneider 1894 DCWashingtonThe Cairo BuildingThe Cairo Building
George Oakley Totten 1906 DCWashingtonThe Pink Palace HouseThe Pink Palace House
James Hoban DCWashingtonThe White House
Benjamin Henry Latrobe DCWashingtonThe White House
Calvin Thomas Stowe Brent 1893 DCWashingtonThird Baptist Church
James Renwick 1851 DCWashingtonTrinity Episcopal ChurchTrinity Episcopal Church
William James Palmer 1906 DCWashingtonUnion Methodist Church
Adolf Cluss 1862 DCWashingtonWallach SchoolWallach School