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Washington DC Area Forts, Washington, DC


Fort Foote

Fort Foote

High on a bluff, a hundred feet above the Potomac River, twelve heavy guns commanded the approach to the city. Smaller cannon were placed to protect Fort Foote from landward attack. Numerous buildings were constructed to house and support the large garrison of troops that built the fort and manned the big guns.

Construction of this Civil War earthworks began in 1863. It was the largest and southernmost bastion in a ring of 68 forts that were hurriedly laid out, armed and manned. Fort Foote continued as a defensive post after the Civil War and remained a garrison for artillery units of the Regular Army until 1878.

The fort was named in honor of Rear Adm. Andrew Hull Foote, who distinguished himself while commanding gunboat operations on the Mississippi River. He died as a result of wounds received during the river campaigns.

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