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Washington DC Area Forts, Washington, DC


Fort Slemmer

Fort Slemmer

The ridge that extends along the edge of the parking lot to the right where you are standing is the remains of a rifle trench built during the Civil War. This ridge, part of the Defenses of Washington, connected Fort Totten to the north and Ft. Slemmer to the south. Fixed emplacements for artillery—known as batteries—were between the forts. One such battery is located at the end the ridge.

This ridge is an important part of our past. Constructed to protect the Federal Capital against a Confederate attack, the Defenses of Washington consisted of 164 forts and batteries. At the end of the Civil War, Washington, D.C. was one of the most heavily fortified cities in the world.

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Washington DC Area Forts

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Updated: 9-23-2021