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The Museum in the Streets, Belfast, Waldo Co, ME


Historical Marker

Historical Marker

The Thomas Whittier house was built in 1803 as both a house and tavern. It was long considered the finest inn in eastern Maine, popular for drinking, dining and dancing. Famous for the abundant produce from her gardens, Whittier's wife was known as "Lady Bountiful." At the close of the War of 1812, the Whittier Tavern was the site of a grand ball hosted by the British general whose troops had occupied Belfast. In 1839, the building was purchased by Judge Alfred Johnson as his home. For the next 117 years the house was known to generations of the Johnson family as "The Homestead."

The villa style house to the right was built in 1859 by Charles B. Hazeltine who made his fortune supplying California '49ers during the gold rush. Wealthy at age 26, Hazeltine remained active in the family shipping business upon his return to Belfast.

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The Museum in the Streets

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Updated: 7-18-2020