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The Museum in the Streets, Belfast, Waldo Co, ME


Historical Marker

Historical Marker

Memorial Hall was built in 1890 by Civil War veterans of the Grand Army of the Republic to honor their fallen leader Colonel Thomas H. Marshall. While in command of the 7th Regiment of Maine Volunteers, Marshall distinguished himself at the first Battle of Bull Run. The GAR Post used the large hall on the second floor for meetings and reunions, while the lower floors were leased to the city for municipal purposes. In 1923 the Post relinquished possession of the hall to the City and placed the granite monument on the lawn. Veterans are shown here in front of their handsome building soon after its completion. The Revolutionary War era cannon, to the left in the photo, was originally "stolen" in 1857 from the old fort in Castine in time for Fourth of July celebrations that year.

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The Museum in the Streets

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Updated: 7-18-2020