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The Museum in the Streets, Belfast, Waldo Co, ME


Historical Marker

Historical Marker

The Construction of a public library was made possible in 1888 by a bequest of $20,000 from merchant Paul R. Hazeltine. He directed that a handsome, substantial, fireproof building be erected on a suitable spot. Built of red granite and trimmed with Somerville gray granite, it is the first Belfast structure to be built entirely of stone rather than wood or brick. When the library opened there were 2,033 volumes on the shelves. Joseph Williamson, Jr. (panel #6) served as President of the Board of Trustees until his death in 1902. The Grammans Reading Room was added in 1931, and a four-story addition was completed in 2000.

At the time of library construction the Robert Miller house (1792) was the oldest house in Belfast and was moved to make room for the library.

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The Museum in the Streets

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Updated: 7-18-2020