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The Museum in the Streets, Millbrook, Dutchess Co, NY


Anna Margaret Patrick Hayes

Anna Margaret Patrick Hayes

On November 11, 1901, thirteen prominent citizens discussed the need for a local library. Two weeks later, a constitution was adopted, charter members and a board of trustees were elected, and the Millbrook Free Library Association was formed. The library opened in February 1902, in one room of the Thorne Memorial Building, with 1200 volumes – the vast majority donated by the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU), the rest purchased with money from donations. Given by Mrs. Richard Somers Hayes [Anna Margaret Patrick] in memory of her husband, a Civil War veteran, the Hayes Memorial Library opened in December 1908. The library expanded in 1973 and 2002 to meet changing community needs; it now also provides cultural programs, recreational activities and access to computers.

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The Museum in the Streets

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Updated: 7-19-2020