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Christopher Lowndes

Christopher Lowndes

Christopher Lowndes, a prominent English merchant, constructed a small stone building here around 1760. Although he lived at Bostwick on the hill to the east, this property stayed in the Lowndes family until 1883. Over the past 250 years, Lowndes's stone building appears to have served as a post stop, a general store, and a domestic residence. During the 18th century people would have met in the space in front of the house, known as the "market square" to trade goods and visit with their neighbors.

Although free and enslaved people of African descent were part of the Bladensburg community, there is no evidence of them being bought and sold here. Indentured servants from Great Britain disembarked at the Port of Bladensburg, but slave ships from Africa were unloaded at Georgetown and Annapolis.

Website: https://www.hmdb.org/m.asp?m=75902

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Christopher Lowndes

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