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Hannibal Pierce

Hannibal Pierce

Established in 1885, the barefoot mail route ran between Palm Beach and Miami, Florida, until 1892.  A group known as the "Barefoot Mailmen" traveled the 68-mile route -- 28 miles by water and 40 along the sand.  Before 1885, this route required steamboat and rail service, taking two months to deliver a letter.  The barefoot route shortened that time to one week.

Left to right: Captain Hannibal D. Pierce, Margretta M. Pierce, Andrew W. Garnett, James "Ed" Hamilton, Lillie E. Pierce, and Charles W. Pierce.  Andrew Garnett, James Hamilton, and Charles Pierce served as barefoot mailmen.  Alligators, barracudas, or sharks allegedly killed Hamilton after a traveler took his boat and he was forced to swim. -- Smithsonian Institution

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