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Scottish National Portrait Gallery Frieze, Scotland

by William Hole; more information: http://www.rampantscotland.com/famous/blfamfrieze.htm


Thumbnail Images

Part 1
William Stirling Hamilton
James Andrew Ramsay
Thomas Babington Macaulay
Roderick Impey Murchison

Not identified: Thomas Carlyle, historian and essayist; David Livingstone, missionary and explorer; Sir James Young Simpson, discoverer of chloroform; Sir David Brewster, natural philosopher; Sir Charles Lyell, geologist; Sir Colin Campbell, Lord Clyde, Field-Marshal
Part 2
Thomas Campbell
Henry Dundas
Robert Stevenson
Thomas Cochrane
Henry Peter Brougham
David Wilkie

Rev Thomas Chalmers, social reformer; Rev John Thomson of Duddingston, landscape painter; Professor Dugald Stewart, philosopher
Part 3
Walter Scott
Thomas Graham
Ralph Abercrombie

Not identified: Mungo Park, explorer; Lieutenant-General; Sir John Moore, Lieutenant-General; Sir Henry Raeburn Portrait painter; Lord Francis Jeffrey, judge and literary critic; John Hunter, surgeon and anatomist
Part 4
Robert Adam
Adam Duncan
James Boswell
Robert Burns

Not identified: James Hutton, geologist; Thomas Telford, civil engineer, James Watt, inventor of steam engine
Part 5
George Murray
Duncan Forbes
Ewen MacPherson
David Hume
Adam Smith
William Cullen
Flora Macdonald
Charles Edward Stuart
John Cameron
John Erskine

Not yet identified: Allan Ramsay, poet; James Thomson poet
Part 7
James II of England
John Campbell
James Dalrymple
John Maitland
Charles II Stuart King of Great Britain

Not yet identified: Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun, Scottish patriot;; John Graham of Claverhouse, Viscount Dundee, "Bonnie Dundee"
Part 8
James Graham
Archibald Campbell
Alexander Leslie
Charles I of England
William Kerr

Not yet identified: Robert Leighton, Bishop of Dundee, George Jamesone, portrait pinter
Part 9
James I of England
William Drummond
George Buchanan
John Napier
James Stewart
James Douglas

Part 10
Mary of Lorraine Guise Queen of Scotland
Mary I of Scotland
Henry Stuart Lord Darnley
James Hepburn
John Knox

Part 11
James V Stewart King of Scotland
James IV Stewart King of Scotland
David Beaton
Gavin Douglas
Margaret Tudor Princess Scotland & Lady Angus

Not identified: William Dunbar, poet
Part 12
Alexander Stewart
James III Stewart King of Scotland
Margaret Oldenburg of Denmark
James Kennedy
Robert Boyd
Marie o

Not yet identified: Robert Cochrane, Earl of Mar, architect and court favourite of James III
Part 13
James II King of Scotland
James I King of Scotland
Alexander Livingston
Joan Beaufort
Donald MacDonald

Part 14
Robert III King of Scotland
Robert II King of Scotland
David Prince of Scotland
Robert Stewart
Archibald of Douglas

Not yet identified: John Barbour, poet and author of "The Bruce"
Part 15
Edward Balliol King of Scotland
David Bruce II King of Scotland
Andrew Moray
William Douglas
Thomas Randolph

Part 16
Robert I of Scotland
Isabel MacDuff
William 'Braveheart' Wallace
John de Baliol King of Scotland
Edward I "Longshanks" King of England
Alexander III King of Scotland
Alexander II King of Scotland
William I "The Lion" King of Scotland
Malcolm IV 'the Maiden' King of Scotland

Not yet identified: Thomas the Rhymer, minstrel and seer
Part 18
David I "The Saint" King of Scotland
Alexander "The Fierce" I of Scotland
Malcolm III "Canmore" King of Scotland
Margaret Atheling Queen of Scotland

Part 19
Kenneth I. MacAlpin King of Scotland

Not yet identified: St Cuthbert, Prior of Melrose; St Adamnan, biographer of St Columba; St Columba, founder of Iona Monastery
Part 20
Theodosius of Rome

Not yet identified: St Aidan, missionary and bishop to Northumberland; Brude, 1st King of the Picts; St Kentigern (or Mungo), Patron Saint of Glasgow; Rederech, King of Strathclyde; A Druid; St Ninian, first Christian missionary to Scotland

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