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Rockland Co NY Historical Markers, Rockland Co, NY


Garret Blauvelt, John S. Norris

Garret Blauvelt, John S. Norris

The main section and south kitchen of this Dutch sandstone homestead were built c. 1790-1800, the north addition c. 1840, on land earlier owned by David Bogert. The first known occupant was Garret I. Blauvelt. In 1853 the farm was acquired by John S. Norris, a prominant architect and constructor of fine buildings. In 1885 it was purchased by the Burr family who owned it more than half a century.

Website: https://www.hmdb.org/m.asp?m=84058

Attribution: By Manuel P. Guevara

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Rockland Co NY Historical Markers

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Updated: 11-11-2022