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Historical Marker

John “Appleseed” Chapman [John Chapman] (b. September 26, 1774—d. March 18, 1845) was the first lessee of this 160 acre tract (NW ¼, S 20, T 20, R 16), when he secured it for 99 years from the Virginia Military District School Lands on April 10, 1815. This $320 lease complied with the Ordinance of 1785 which stipulated that proceeds from the sale or lease of a 36th of all new land in the Northwest Territory be used to support public education. Perrysville author, Rosella Rice, knew Appleseed. In a history of Ashland County, she wrote, “One of his nurseries is near us and I often go to the secluded spot on the quiet banks of the (Blackfork)… with sod never broken since the old man did it.“ Attributed as Green Township’s first permanent settler, Abram Baughman’s original 160 acres (c. 1807) adjoined this property to the west.

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Ohio Historical Markers

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Updated: 11-13-2022