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Eliza Doane

Eliza Doane

St. Mary's Hall was established in 1837 by the second Episcopal Bishop of New Jersey, George Washinton Doane - a renowned man of letters, a rector, teacher, poet, author, host, and patriot. The fundamental purpose of the school was for the training of Christian women, while focusing on academics, discipline, fellowship, high ideals, and traditions. The moral center for this institution was "The Chapel of the Holy Innocents," designed by the architect John Notman and built in 1846.

Eliza Greene Callahan Doane was his wife and an important woman in the history of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey as well as the history of St. Mary's Hall. She brought to her marriage a substantial yearly dowry, the sum total of which she contributed to ensure the financial solvency and longevity of her husband's dream.

"...that our daughters may be as the polished corners of the temple."
G.W. Doane, 1837

St. Mary's Hall is on the New Jersey Women's Heritage Trail because of its significant contributions to the religious and social education of women spanning three centuries.

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Eliza Greene Callahan

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