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Theodosia Bartow Burr

Theodosia Bartow Burr

The Hermitage was home to Theodosia Bartow Prevost during the Revolutionary War, when she was married to British officer James Marcus Prevost. During the war, Theodosia was left to run the farm in the middle of a heavily contested area, and through her resourcefulness was able to protect her home when many others in the area were confiscated. Prevost used contacts in Trenton to open up her home to American officers, while still maintaining a good relationship with British troops. After the death of her husband, James Marcus, in 1781, Prevost married future Vice President Aaron Burr, whom she met while advocating for the protection of her home. The present Gothic Revival design of The Hermitage, which is owned by the State of New Jersey, dates from an extensive renovation undertaken in 1847.

Theodosia Bartow Prevost’s life is represented at The Hermitage as that of a well respected, independent woman managing hearth and home. Because of her integral role defining Women and Domestic Life, Theodosia is on the New Jersey Women’s Heritage Trail.

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Theodosia Bartow

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