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Bay-Eva Castle

Bay-Eva Castle

This sign marks the spot where Dr. Bay Jacobs and his wife Eva built their home, a beautiful stone castle. Dr. Jacobs was a prominent physician who served on the staff of both Georgetown and Arlington Hospitals. The location of this property, halfway between the two, perfectly suited his needs. He made many advances in women's medicine during his distinguished career. His wife, Eva Harris Jacobs served as President of the Business and Professional Women's Club of Arlington. She also wrote a historical novel entitled Feather on the Dart.

According to Mr. Frank Segretti, one of five stone masons who worked on the project, Mrs. Jacobs sat on a tree stump in the rain, and while sheltered by her umbrella, sketched the design for her home. It took three months to cover the exterior of the three story house with stone. The name "Bay-Eva" was chiseled into the stone by the front door, which opened to look out toward the Potomac. The castle was solidly constructed with a slate roof, copper gutters, oak flooring and stone walls which were 18" thick in places. The central turret contained a spiral staircase with wrought iron railing. At the base of the stairs was a tiled fish pond; at the top of the stairs the turret contained an additional fourth floor room which Mrs. Jacobs used as a studio. Dr. and Mrs. Jacobs filled their home with Jacobian and French antiques. Dr. Jacobs died in 1899. He deeded this land and the castle to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

The property was then owned by a series of developers, and in 1995 was proffered to the County and its citizens by Eakin-Youngentob Associates, Inc. for use as park land.

Many before us have recognized the beauty and enjoyed the use of this land. Archaeological evidence suggests that Native Americans travelled and lived along the Potomac as far back as 10,000 B.C. The first white man to lay claim to the land surrounding this site was Thomas Owsley, in 1696; in 1767, the land was regranted to George Mason; Mason's grandson John lost the property to the Bank of the United States in 1833. Twenty-six years later Thomas B. Dawson purchased 81 acres including this site, for $2,378.00. Thomas' daughter, Bessie Dawson Bailey, sold part of that land, the "Spring Lot," to Dr. J. Bay Jacobs in 1936.

[It seems that Bay Jacobs was born Julius Bay Jacobs in New York City to Joseph Jacobs and Rosie Griedman, immigrants from Austria.]

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