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Lancaster Co PA Bridges, Lancaster Co, PA


Leaman Place Bridge

Leaman Place Bridge

Prior to the construction of the Pennsylvania Railroad only Henry Leaman's small farmhouse stood near here. In 1835, Mr. Leaman built a hotel and soon after a railroad station was established. A small village gradually sprung up and by the 1880s “Leaman Place” consisted of about a dozen houses, a telegraph office, and a common school. In 1845 inhabitants of Paradise and Leacock petitioned for a bridge “where the public highway leading from the Philadelphia & Columbia railroad to New Holland crosses said creek, at Eckert's Mill…”

James C. Carpenter built the first bridge here in 1845 for $983.00. A half century later this bridge was reported unsafe, frequently overflowed, and was dangerous for public travel. Elias McMellen rebuilt the worn bridge in 1893 for $2,431.00. This bridge was also known as Eshleman's Mill Bridge after the Eshleman family that operated mills adjacent to here. Milton B. Eshleman ran a large three story mill near this bridge in the 1870s once known as Evergreen Mills.

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Attribution: By Cosmos Mariner

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