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Kentucky Historical Markers, KY


Historical Marker

Historical Marker

Founded as Williamsburg Institute in 1889 under the leadership of General Green Clay Smith and R. C. Medaris to provide affordable Christian education for mountain people. Early supporters were James P. and Thomas B. Mahan, Ancil Gatliff, Edwin S. Moss, John W. Siler, and John D. Rockefeller. Name changed to Cumberland College, 1913. Over. Presented by Centennial Com. of Cumberland College. Cumberland College - Alumni include U.S. congressman, Kentucky governors, military officers, medical doctors, missionaries, and university presidents. Among them: Cong. Eugene Siler, Governors Bert Combs and Edwin Morrow, Vice Adm. Charles Blakely, Maj. Generals Ben Baker, Charles Calloway, and Floyd Parks, Brig. Gen. Roy Easley, folk artist Jean Ritchie, and educators William McCall and Cratis Williams.

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Kentucky Historical Markers

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Updated: 7-29-2020