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Greene Co NY Historical Markers, Greene Co, NY


James Powers

James Powers

James Powers (1782-1868) was a life-long resident of the Village of Catskill, where he lived as a prosperous lawyer, land developer, and gentleman farmer. He served as eighth president of the village and as state senator (1836-39). His father-in-law, Orrin Day, was the first president of the village. From his father-in-law, Powers purchased a tract of land which ranged from approximately present-day Broad Street to the Hudson River, bounded by Harrison and William Streets. By 1839 Powers had built his Greek Revival house overlooking the river. The structure is derived from plans by Minard Lefever, whose pattern books were widely circulated and used by local carpenters as building guides. Lefever was praised as one of America's finest architects by Calvert Vaux, the architect whose work includes New York City's Central Park, and who collaborated with the artist Frederick Church for designs at Olana - directly across the river from Beattie-Powers Place.

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Attribution: By Steve Stoessel

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Greene Co NY Historical Markers

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