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Alvin T. Bronson

Alvin T. Bronson

Dewitt Clinton dreamed of "a Great Canal" to solve the problem of access to the natural resources of the mid-west. Of the two routes considered - a canal across the state to Buffalo and a canal to Lake Ontario at Oswego - the Buffalo proposal won at first.

The Oswego Canal was begun in 1826 and completed in 1828. In 1830 the Welland Canal, connecting Lakes Ontario and Erie, was opened, and once again the commerce of the upper lakes began to seek the old route up the Oswego River.

Once Oswego Harbor was established as a canal destination, commerce soared and the City became a thriving international port.

In 1850 the Erie Canal was improved, widened, deepened and in some places rerouted. The name of the waterway was changed to the Barge Canal. The Oswego Canal remained an important option for connecting to the Great Lakes waterway.

Alvin Bronson was the first representative from Oswego County in the state senate. In 1824 he became the leader of the movement in favor of the Oswego Canal. It was largely through his intensive advocacy that the canal system also included a connection to the Port of Oswego.

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Great Lakes Seaway Trail Scenic Byway

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