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District of Columbia Historical Markers, Washington, DC


Historical Marker

Historical Marker

The boxwood gardens and boxwood walk are thought to be originally designed and planted around 1850 by garden designer John Henry Small for the Boyce family, who owned the estate where Montrose Park now stands. After the Montrose property was acquired by the Federal Government in 1910, the boxwood gardens were patched with fill-in plantings according to plans developed by landscape architect George Burnap, from the Office of Public Buildings and Grounds. While later simplified, vestiges of the original plan are still evident.

About the pergola: The pergola in the center of the boxwood garden was designed by landscape architect George Burnap and built in 1914. It was rehabilitated in 2000 with funds donated by the Prince Charitable Trust. Recently many of the slats no the sides have been vandalized. Please do not destroy the pergola by removing slats.

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District of Columbia Historical Markers

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